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Weight: 78.8kg
Waist: 80cm
BF:  11%

Measurement: (since june)

Chest : 108cm + (5cm)
waist: 80cm – (2cm)
Arms: 37cm – (+1cm)
Thigh: 65cm  – (+5cm)
Calf : 41cm  – (+0cm)


Well i wanted to gain a bit of mass in June – August. But 3 weeks in July were out due to holidays.  So left about 7 weeks to do it. I got up to nearly 83kg from 77kg  in that time. Then the start of august came the mini cut.  So i only REALLY bulked for 6 weeks with a 3 week break (trying to eat heaps). So what changed? Not much really. I got extra 5cm on my chest measurement mainly due to my lat explosion.  I am moving back to split formation after doing my 3 day week full body program. It was a success i look more in proportion now, getting the V shape happening but theres still a lot of work to do. Arms are lacking behind because i don’t want to put too much mass on them due to my martial arts. I started IF during the cut and it was VERY successful. I lost 5cm off my waist in 4 weeks and lost about 4.5 kg. Lost my fat over my hips but not happy with the result i have lost some definition in my upper chest and lower abs definitely. I think if i keep cutting i will need be under 73kg to get a very cut look (<8%), but will look ultra skinny as a result. I am getting my veins back through my abs and shoulders and my serratus muscles is showing so i know the BF is dropping fast. So the plan is to bulk again until maybe end of  November. I think another 4-5kg of muscle would be perfect. I hope to get some pictures up soon but the result wasn’t overwhelming, and the usual problems with my whiteness destroying the images makes it hard to get a good picture. I have a goal in mind of my ideal shape and it’s not there yet. I am thinking 81kg at 9%. I’ll let you guys decide once i can get some pics.


I think i will stick with the IF format for my bulk. Now i REALLY have to go for it i am going to do it. Talking 3.5 – 4k calories a day as least, not worry about the flab and just get strong and progress higher than before. I might have to go the mass gainer route as i can’t get that kind of calories in my mouth in a small window. Then in November if all went well i can cut it up again.

August activities (not including karate and martial arts)

Count: 20 Activities
Distance: 22.83 km
Time: 14:44:03 h:m:s
Avg Speed: 9.2 km/h
Avg HR: 134 bpm
Avg Run Cadence: 71 spm
Calories: 6,410 C
Avg Time: 00:44:12 h:m:s



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