check in

mmmm been a while since the last one but i didn’t tag it so i have to use some pretty old (1 year plus checkin). Doesn’t look like much has changed in months.


Weight: 78.8kg
Waist: 80cm
BF: 11%

Measurement: (since june)

Chest : 108cm + (5cm)
waist: 80cm – (2cm)
Arms: 37cm – (+1cm)
Thigh: 65cm – (+5cm)
Calf : 41cm – (+0cm)

now april 2013

Weight: 78.6kg
Waist: 77cm
BF: 9%

Measurement: (since june)

Chest : 112cm
waist: 77cm
Arms: 39cm
Thigh: 60cm
Calf : 43cm


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