Bridge to Brisbane Aftermath + small weights

Well , no preparation … Very early start 6:10am race start 4:15am wake up. Did excellent considering no training got the same time as last year and was taking easier this year, just running for fun. Last year i was almost puking at the 8km mark this year we sprinted up heart break hill adn at the end without much struggling. We were trying to run as a group, you can see at the 35 min mark where we lost louise and i we slowed down to try to find her. Dan and i sprinted the last 300 meters and i wasn’t puffed after the finish. So even though no training i am still fitter than last year again!


  • Foot pod wasn’t calibrated properly which gave me the 300m difference (was set to treadmill not road … tried to fix half way but was still short… Not worried though”

Military Press – 3 Sets x 8-12 Reps

Pull Downs – 3 Sets x 8-12 Reps

Dips – 3 Sets x 8-12 Reps

BB Bent-Over Rows – 3 Sets x 8-12 Reps

Superset: Barbell Shrugs/ DBLateral Raises – 3 Sets x 8-12 Reps

Calf Raises – 3 Sets x 8-12 Reps

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