Constant work in progress, eventually will replace all items with my own video’s or pics.

Workout Stuff: (Body Weight and Weighted)

A Frame Situp
Bicycle kicks
Ball planks
Alternating staggered Pushups
Clap pushup (with partner)
Diamond Pushups
Good Mornings
Hip Bridge
flutter kicks
Inclined Knee -Ins
Jack knives
Lateral Raise
Leg Raises
Push ups – all variations (diamond, inclined , wide , close , staggered, staged , T , X )
Pull Overs
Rolling Pistols
Scissors kick
Sitting Russian Twist
Sit ups
side plank star
Step Ups
Squat and Press
Swiss Ball Jack knives
Up Down Plank
V ups (single and two legs)
X plank
Wall Holds

Kettle Bells

KB 21’s (Swings, Lateral Raise , Bent over fly)
KB Around the world
KB circle
KB Dead Lift
KB Diagonal chops [use kb instead of MB in video]
KB figure 8’s
KB Floor Press
KB Front Circle
KB Gun Slingers
KB High Pulls
KB Ribbons
KB lunge
KB Military Press
KB one arm overhead snatch
KB power clean and press
KB Renegade Row
KB Ribbons
KB Rolling Pistol
KB Saw (get into a plank then use the kettle bell like a saw pushing away and back again)
KB Snatch
KB SOTS press
KB Step-up
KB Squat and press
Kb Swing
KB Squat
KB Bent over row
KB Turkish get-up
KB upright row
KB Windmill
KB yaw press

Medicine Balls

MB Around the legs
MB back throws
MB Good Mornings
MB Hip Bridge
MB woodchop
MB Circles
MB Figure 8’s
MB Guard Situp
MB Lunge + Twist
MB lateral squat + pushout
MB Over unders
MB Pass
MB slam
MB Side Slams
MB Start Throws
MB side throws
MB Steering Wheels
MB Reach and Grab
MB Reverse Crunch
MB round and round
MB Russian Twist
MB Toe taps
MB Through the Legs (scissor kick)
MB pass and swap
MB Wall Throw

Killer combos:

MB around the leg + MB reverse crunch

Bosu Ball

Bosu ball Sprawl
Bosu Ball Pushups


30-30-30 Boxing Combos (30 sec fast , high knee fast , knockouts)
Ground and Pound Combos
Bag Work
Bag Knees
Bag Push
Bosu ball Sprawl
Bosu Ball Pushups
Clinch Resets
Corpse Squat
crunch and punch (pads or heavy bag)
DB Punch Walk
DB push up then row
Impact Crunches
Flat to stand boxing
Focus Pad Knee Combos
MB Guard Situp
Wrestler sit out
MMA Getup.
High knee + bag punch
Boxing Combos
Straight Punching
Heavy bag push catch
Hook Punch
Overhand Punch
Short Punch
Squat kicks
Front Kick
Round Kick
Side Kick
Inside Leg Kick
Leg Kick
Weighted Punches

Killer combos:

punch and sprawls
Side control to GNP on heavy bag
30-30-30 boxing combo
Flat / Get up / Punch combo

Cardio Fitness:

Alternating Jump Squat
Alligator crawls
Bear Crawls
Box Jumps
Box/Ball Knee -ins
Burpees (super)
Crunch Get up
Death Jumps
flutter kicks
Flat UP down
Ladder Drills
Lateral Burpees
Lateral Jump and Roll
Duck Walk
mountain climbers
Resisted Run
Resisted Kicks
Rope turns
Scissor Kicks
Spider Plank
Standard Plank
Stepups + Press
Squat Jumps
Squat and Hop (weighted)
Weighted Squat jump
box jump
Wall Burpees

Killer combos:
burpee + sprints
10 – 1 Sets (10,9,8,7,6,5 Pushup + run (20m) 5 4 3 2 1 Burpee and run (20m))

Explanation of exercises

Cardio / Pylometrics

Lateral  burpeePut a boxing bag (or similar) on the ground, Jump with both feet sideways over bag then burpee.
Resisted Run  – use belt or harness to provide resistance on running.
Resisted Kicking – use belt or harness to provide resistance
Resisted Knees – use belt or harness to provide resistance
Resisted Push – Using a shield , or use the partner shoulders- they push you resist them, then swap.
Shuffle / Shuttle
Lateral Shuttle – Using Side Stepping instead of Running.

Medicine Ball

Modified Hammer Throw
Start with ball on hip opposite of throw/delivery side. Start transferring weight from backside to delivery side by turning back foot, while twisting body’s core. Finish by throwing/delivering ball at shoulder height with your weight balanced over delivery side. This throw can also begin at shoulder height, instead of by hip.

MB side throws
Begin at 90 degrees to wall, with ball on hip, and more weight on that leg. Deliver ball at hip height, with weight now transferred to front leg. Catch ball and repeat.

Start with ball behind one hip with more weight on that leg. Throw (“Put”) the ball while turning and reaching towards the direction of the throw. Finish the drill in a balanced position.

Russian Twist
Start with ball at belly button height, arms length away from body, behind right or left hip. Start by moving ball to the right or left. Keep core tight and turn/rotate your back foot to allow greater range of motion.

Single Leg Russian Twist
Same as above, but when weight is off of back leg, take it off of the ground.

MB Diagonal Chops
Start with ball behind and above ear. Move ball diagonally across body, ending near opposite knee. Return with the same pattern. Rotate/turn back foot to increase effective range of exercise.

Single Leg Chop
Same as diagonal chops, but balance on one leg while performing the exercise.

Start with ball overhead at arms length. Chop down and stop when ball is between your feet.

MB Figure 8’s
Begin with ball at ear level, but with arms extended away from body. Move the ball through a figure 8 pattern continuously – in front of and beside your body from left to right.

Over Head Circles
Begin with ball overhead and move ball in a circular motion as big as possible around your body.

Med Ball Squat
Keep ball at arms length while performing a squat. A variation: start ball at chest and press up or out when squatting – returning ball to chest on ascent.

One Leg Squat
Begin with ball at arms length straight in front of body. Squat on one leg, keeping ball held out in front as a counterbalance. Leave free leg in front. (You can also leave the free leg to the side or the rear). Variation: Ball can start from belly button and be pressed out when squatting.

Med Ball Lunge I
Begin with ball at belly button level. Take a step forward with one leg while moving the ball to the side of the lunging leg. Continue alternating legs by either walking or switching in place.

Med Ball Lunge II
Begin with ball at belly button. While lunging forward raise the ball up overhead. Either leave the ball overhead while continuing to lunge or return the ball to belly button on each lunge.

Sagittal or Front Reach
Begin with ball at belly button. Step forward and extend arms towards front foot. Return and repeat in place with same foot or alternate feet.

Frontal or Side Reach
Begin with ball at belly button. Step and reach laterally to one side. Continue reaching and stepping to one side or alternating legs.

Transverse or Rear Reach
Begin with ball at belly button. Open (turn) and step/reach between 90 and 180 degrees to the rear. Return to start and repeat with same leg or opposite leg.

Med Ball Push Up
Position ball under one hand and perform a pushup. Try doing one pushup with hand on ground, pushing hard enough to catch yourself on the ball for next rep. Begin to roll ball across to opposite hand between reps if you want a bigger challenge.

Two Arm Wall Pass
Begin facing wall about an arm’s length away. Keep hands above head initially keeping throwing range short. Work towards arms being bent and further away from wall. You can also do this with one arm only.

Begin with ball overhead. Throw ball down, using your core. You can also do this with one arm only.

Knee Throw to Push Up
Begin on knees, with ball in front of chest. Throw ball forward and follow it with upper body. When your body extension is complete, catch yourself in a push up position. This can also be beginning from an overhead ball position.

MB Wall Throws
Stand 6-8 feet from wall. Swing ball to an overhead position, stretching upper extremities. Throw ball, aiming 1-2 feet above the bottom of the wall, using your core.

One Step Wall Throws
Start with ball at belly button. Swing ball to an overhead position, and step forward with one foot towards the wall. Shift weight completely over front throwing leg, using core to throw. Aim 1-2 feet above bottom of the wall.

Squat Throw
Start with ball at chest or overhead. Quickly squat lowering ball to calf level. Jump and throw the ball as high as possible directly overhead. Let the ball bounce once, reposition and repeat drill.

Over the Back Toss
Start with the ball overhead and bring it forward and down to knees. Begin throw as soon as ball gets to knee level. Throw by extending ankle, knee, hip and delivering the ball overhead backwards, keeping toes on ground. This is a great total body power test.

Single Arm Throw
(great with Core Ball or Power Ball): Start bent holding ball with one hand between feet. Throw ball as high as possible, straight overhead (not backwards) by extending at knee, ankle and hip. Ball should move close to body for best height.

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