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w20 – legs cardio too!

Activity: weights
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 3544
Cal Burn : 2952

Barbell Full Squat

Set 1 : 60.0×5
Set 2 : 65.0×5
Set 3 : 75.0×3
Set 4 : 100.0×5
Set 5 : 100.0×5
Set 6 : 110.0×5
Set 7 : 120×4
Set 8 : 130×2
Set 9 : 135×0

Seated Leg Curl

Set 1 : 70.0×11
Set 2 : 70.0×12
Set 3 : 72.5×14


Set 1 : 70.0×11
Set 2 : 70.0×12
Set 3 : 72.5×14

EZ-Bar Curl

Set 1 : 35.0×12
Set 2 : 35.0×12
Set 3 : 35.0×12

Triceps Pushdown – Rope

Set 1 : 35.0×16
Set 2 : 35.0×15
Set 3 : 35.0×20

Dumbbell Tricep Kickback

Set 1 : 15.0×10
Set 2 : 15.0×10
Set 3 : 15.0×10

Rotary calf extension

Set 1 : 105.0×15
Set 2 : 105.0×15
Set 3 : 105.0×15


Set 1 : 32.0×12
Set 2 : 32.0×13
Set 3 : 32.0×15

Standing Biceps Cable Curl
Set 1 : 55.0×10
Set 2 : 55.0×10
Set 3 : 55.0×10

Damage: Levator. Scap etc.

NOTES: Felt pretty good today. Hips clicked hard in the hole on the 135kg squat so i didn’t fight that. Played squash with the boys after. Pretty lulzy. Hit a metal sign so hard with the ball it bent the sign and popped 3 screws out of the wall. Also one of the boys received not one but two full paced shots to the anoose.

Check in

Weight: 82.4kg
Waist: 85cm (bloating)
BF: ~11% fat being held on the assss


Chest : 108 cm
waist: 85cm
Arms: 41cm
Thigh: 62cm
Calf : 42cm

2013-07-31 report 1

2013-07-31 report2

Thoughts: Even though measurements are much the same, the composition has changed heaps. Having several comments about it over the last month. Been picking up the training , now i have a partner things are starting to really ramp up again. Wanting to smash gym all the time! Mutant mode to be achieved by October. HAPPY with my new PB’s . New goals are being setup.

Nutrition: Added 500 calories extra this round. AVG 3200 – 3600. Broscience time. I have been changing the diet slightly to increase testosterone and reduce estrogen. I feel this is taking effect. Keeping a 40/30/30 ratio for now until a cut in October. Hopefully make it up to about 85kg.

Mental: Up and down, I am glad gym is here. Not sure what would be happening if i was not lifting. Been working on a few things in my personal life. More socially active. More confidence since packing on more mass. People take you more seriously for some reason.

Other stuff: I am happy i can help a few of my mates achieve thier fitness goals. I’ve added another 2-3 people to that list over the last few weeks!

w3 – back

Activity: weights
Training Partner: none
Calories intake:   2705
Exercise calories: 250

Barbell Reverse Grip Bent Over Row

Set 1 : 60.0×12
Set 2 : 70.0×10
Set 3 : 70.0×10
Set 4 : 70×10
Set 5 : 60×10
Set 6 : 40×12

Straight Arm Push Down
Set 1 : 50.0×12
Set 2 : 60.0×10
Set 3 : 60.0×10
Set 4 : 60×10
Set 1 : 40.0×10
Set 2 : 50.0×8
Set 3 : 50.0×8
Dumbbell Lateral Raise
Set 1 : 30.0×10
Set 2 : 30.0×10
Set 3 : 35.0×10
Set 4 : 14×20
Set 5 : 14×20
Barbell Shrug
Set 1 : 140.0×10
Set 2 : 140.0×12
Set 3 : 140.0×12

Damage:  lumbar

NOTES: Bad session

w10 – Legs

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake:   3449
Calories burned : 2905
Exercise calories: 360+

2013-02-27 bfm

2013-02-27 mets


Barbell Full Squat

Set 1 : 80.0×8
Set 2 : 100.0×6
Set 3 : 100.0×6
Set 4 : 110.0×6
Set 5 : 120.0×4
Set 6 : 100×8
Set 7 : 60×12

Barbell Lunge

Set 1 : 60.0×16
Set 2 : 60.0×16
Set 3 : 60.0×16

Hanging Leg Raise

Set 1 : 12 Reps

Hanging Pike

Set 1 : 10 Reps
Set 2 : 12 Reps
Set 3 : 12 Reps

Lying Leg Curls

Set 1 : 45.0×10
Set 2 : 45.0×10
Set 3 : 45.0×10

Rotary calf extension

Set 1 : 130.0×12 (pb 1rm increase)
Set 2 : 130.0×12
Set 3 : 130.0×12
Set 4 : 130.0×12

Cable Crunch

Set 1 : 85.0×12
Set 2 : 85.0×12
Set 3 : 85.0×12

Damage: Hip insertion. Very tender.

NOTES:  Hip playing up still. Squats were sloppy. Pretty fatigued as well. Trying to incorporate hammies back in. With the leg curls i have dropped the weight to about 70% and slowed the reps right down. On the down phase i could feel the hammies pull on the hip insertion but after about three reps i could feel it stretch and it felt a little better. I also got a cramp in the hamstrings after completing the sets and walking around. Lunges also were afecting the hip i was using the lunge as a hip stretch more than anything. I also decided to do some hanging pikes for funs and destroy the abs.


CT MB and KB Session

3 Sets

20 x MB pass and burpee
20 x MB slams
20 x MB Side Slams
20 X MB Circles
100 x Skip

3 Set

10 x KB snatch Lunge
10 x KB High pull HEAVY
10 x KB figure 8’s
10 x Lateral burpee

NOTES: 2 people required for pass (or a good wall). Today was so humid and hot so i was sweating so hard. Pretty intense short session.


Activity: Weights
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2254+
Exercise calories: 249
Other Activities:Walking 30 mins.

Session : weights 1-2 warmup sets @40% 1rm.

Barbell Incline Bench Press (60.0×10,60.0x10,65.0×10,60×6)
Barbell Wide Grip Decline Bench Press (50.0×10,60.0x10,65.0×10)
Cable Cross Over (70.0×10,60.0x10,60.0×10,70.0x10,70.0×10)
Straight Arms Dumbbell Pullover (30.0×12,30.0x12,30.0×12)
Barbell Wide Grip Standing Biceps Curl (30.0×12,35.0x12)
Cable Standing One Arm Bicep Curl (20.0×10,20.0x10)
Cable One Arm Tricep Extension (20.0×10,20.0x10)
Dumbbell Concentration Curls (15.0×10,20.0x8)
Reverse Grip Triceps Pushdown (40.0×12,40.0x15)

DAMAGE:Hip 99%. Right arm with torque it gives grief or opening my hands funny enough it’s ok with weights.

NOTES: After having a full week off. Being sick, very lethargic, No focus or motivation sleeping for almost 2 days straight. I started back training today. Trying to get those slow reps happening. I was disappointed in the benching today as incline bench was my strong point in the benching world. Today i was 40kg off my PB’s, 20KG under my working sets. Not sure what’s happening. People Still saying i look wrecked. I guess i feel a little tired but not too bad. I kind of got carried away with flies but. My mind is still wanting to go balls to the walls. It will all be good. Lots of bro work for two weeks.

w5 – dead day

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2870
Exercise calories: 360

Session : weights 1-2 warmup sets @40% 1rm.

Barbell Deadlift (60.0×6,80.0x6,100.0×5,120.0x5,140×1,160×1,180×0,180×0,175×1,160×1,140×1,100×5)
Barbell Reverse Grip Bent Over Row (60.0×10,70.0x10,75.0×10)
Straight Arm Push Down (65.0×10,65.0x10,70.0×10)*
Dumbbell Lateral Raise (30.0×10,30.0x10,30.0×10)
One-Arm Dumbell Row (37.5×10,37.5×10)
Bent Over Low Pulley Side Lateral (20.0×10,25.0x10,25.0×10)*

* = Increases
~ = Decreases

DAMAGE:Hip, Quads.

NOTES: I wasn’t even going to do deads today. Last night, i had a massive headache and sore neck and even when i woke up this morning it was still there. But after a little running around this morning it was getting better. When i got to gym i was like .. OK just a couple of deads. Well i didn’t think i would be trying a PB today with my ultra sore quads but i did anyways. I failed but 160 went up like a feather even 175 went up like a feather. When i got to 180 the first attempt resulted in a lot of bar bend but not even getting off the ground. The second attempt i got it about 10cm off the floor before i dropped it. SO CLOSE! Rest of the session was good either staying stable or increasing a little.

w7 day 2 (injury mode)

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: Dion
Calories intake: 2870 cal
Exercise calories: 324 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep: 7.25

Dumbbell Arnold Press (55.0×8,55.0x7,55.0×7)
Dumbbell Front Raise (35.0×10,35.0x10,40.0×10)
Standing Low Pulley Deltoid Raise (17.5×10,20.0x10,20.0×10)
Barbell Shrug (140.0×10,160.0x10,160.0×10,160.0x10)
Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown (70.0×10,80.0x10,82.5×6)
Close-Grip Front Lat Pulldown (72.5×10,72.5×10,82.5×6)

Damage: Right arm open wound still draining and sore

NOTES: Randomness until i can get full use of my arm, pull ups ofr some reason cause too much pain. Feeling pretty good, got a couple new 1rm’s and i think a PB in there. Still can’t fight at all. So i will just keep cardio up on off days. Hill climbs on the bike and possible HiiT on the weekend.



w6 hyper 1

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2868 cal
Exercise calories: 278 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level:  Low
Sleep –4.5 hr

Dumbbell Arnold Press (55.0×8,55.0x7,55.0×6) (warm up 40 x 10)
Dumbbell Front Raise (35.0×10,35.0x10,35.0×10)
Standing Low Pulley Deltoid Raise (15.0×10,17.5×10,20.0x10)
Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown (70.0×9,80.0x8,80.0×8)
Close-Grip Front Lat Pulldown (70.0×10,70.0x10,75.0×8 )
Wide-Grip Rear Pull-Up (0.0×10,0.0x10,0.0×10)
EZ Bar Close Grip Curl (30.0×10,35.0x8,30.0×10,30.0x10)

DAMAGE:  Doms upper back and hip area from re alignment.

NOTES: Felt sluggish today with less than optimal sleep. Generally sore all over but i still went to gym today. Increased most of the weights. I left out legs today as i am power lower tomorrow. I was doing arms instead but i had to leave gym in a hurry after the bicep curls. So hyper 2 will have legs this week. I’ll and some tricep work in there some where this week too.  Progress is progress.


Run like the wind

Activity: Hiit
Training Partner:: NA
Calories intake: 2733 cal
Exercise calories: 307 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep – 9.4 hr

21 Mins HiiT Sprinting

1. Warmup 1 min
2. Sprint one minute (16km +) then walk 7km+ for 1 minute until 17 minutes
3. Walk 2 minutes
4. Sprint 2 minutes (16-18 km/h)
5. Cool down and stretch

Smooth session. Didn’t really feel out of breath too much until the last 2 minute set when i bumped it up to 18 km/h. Back to weights tomorrow.
4.19km at 20min.