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CT – An easy one

Activity: CT
Training Partner: DAVE
Calories intake: 1856 cals (VERY LOW!!!!!)
Exercise calories: 120 + 401 Cals


KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set

2 sets

20 x KB renegade row
30 x Kb Swing
10 x Lateral burpee
20 x crunch and punch (with bag)
20 x Round kicks
20 x 2 stage push up (1 second hold at each end)
25m x KB Shuttle 1/3

2 Sets

10 x KB SOTS (Legs Shoulders)
15 x Flat down – Get up – Back down (cardio , arms)
50 x punch + Sprawl (5 punch + Sprawl) (arms , cardio_
20 x G n P Combo (mma ct)
10 x KB Reverse Crunch
100 x Skips


  • Time limited once again this week
  • Dave’s fitness is low at the moment which required more recover time
  • Dave knee played up during sprawls so we needed to stop for a couple minutes.
  • Solid quick workout for beginners


CT – Muay thai / Conditioning

[No hrm data. It stopped at 12 minutes, very annoyed]

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: BEN
Calories intake: 2135 cals
Exercise calories: 400+ cals


KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set

Muay Thai Pad combos (3 min rounds)

1.  Jab (L), Cross (R) , Body Rip (L) , Uppercut (L), Overhand (R), Hook (L), Overhand (R), Cover front (head), Overhand (R), Hook (L), Overhand (R), Cover side (Head), Hook (L) , Overhand (R)
2. Jab (L), Pause , Jab x 2 (L), Cross (R), Uppercut (L), Overhand (R), Knee
3. Jab (L) , Cross (R),  Duck weave, Hook (L) , cross (r)
4. Jab (L) into Upper Elbow, Cross elbow (r) , Spinning Elbow (L)
5.  Fight for position with clinch resets.

2 Sets

20 x KB swings
20 x KB cleans from ground
20 x Floor press (5 reps then get up then back down x 4)
100 x rope skips
20m x Resisted Run

2 sets

20 x 5m KB shuttle
100 x bag punches
20 x MB Circles
20 x MB figure 8’s


  • Good session, little uncoordinated on the pads but that will improve with practice.

CT – MT & Upper body Training

Current cycle:
Fight Conditioning / CT – HiiT 2 x a week.
Activity: CT
Training Partner: Ben
Calories intake: 2522 cals
Exercise calories: 430 + 250  Cals

Mixing it up this week

Round times 2 mins (no rest between Stations)

2 Rounds

1. Kb Swing
2. KB Snatch
3. MB slam
4. Skipping

Rounds 2 – 3mins MT pad work training

1. Basic Combos . Jab Cross Uppercut hook
2. Jab, Cross COVER (for attack to front), overhand , hook
3. Random Pad work . Hit a part of the body and the opposite side had to punch (on hand is a jab or cross, tricep is a round, elbow is an uppercut)

2 Set

20x KB saw
5ps x KB Front Circle
20x MB Steering wheels
5 ps x KB figure 8’s
10 ps x  KB Diagonal chops


  • Taking it still easy on the knee, it’s almost recovered but still annoying a bit.  So no lower body or sprints today
  • SPLIT THE MEDICINE BALL AHHHH!!!!! SHHHHHHH So annoying but i just duct taped it back up. Might make this one into ball with a rope on it.
  • Very unco on the MT pad work it’s foreign to me coming from a karate back ground but i will pick it up quickly.
  • No where near as intense as usual CT sessions because there is no peaking of the HR due to HiiT sprints and work.

CT – Fresh Start

Current cycle: Fight Conditioning / CT – HiiT 2 x a week.
Activity: CT
Training Partner: Matt

Calories intake: 284 cals
Exercise calories: 428  Cals
3 Sets

20 Bag Knees ( core , legs)
10 Burpess (whole body) (hold 1 sec in down pos)
10ew MB over unders (back core)
20 crunch and punch (core arms)
20m Resisted PUSH

3 Sets

20 Reach and Grab
20 Kb Swing
20 MB Russian Twist
20 MB Slams
20m Resisted Pull


  • Matt’s First CT session, it was hot and humid again. I was the one who got sick today not him haha, that will learn me to eat before a session
  • Small session but still great.

CT – KB intro session

Current cycle: Bulk / CT once  a week
Activity: CT
Training Partner: Dave

Calories intake: 4867 cals
Exercise calories: 356 Cals + 125  + 250

KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set

2 Sets

20 Kb Swing
10 KB One arm snatch
10 KB Diagonal chops
10 KB Circles
Boxing 1 min

2 sets

5 Turkish get up
10 KB Clean and press
10 KB Around the body circles
10 KB figure 8’s
25 m Resisted Kicks

2 sets
10 KB SOTS press
10 KB row
10 KB floor press + stand up
10 KB Squat


  • Introduction my mate dave to kettlebells so it was a nice easy one