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Small CT session

Activity: CT
Training Partner: Carissa
Calories intake:   2950
Exercise calories: ~250 (including other activities)

2013-01-27 bfm

2013-01-27 hrm

2013-01-27 mets


3 x

20x KB 1 arm swings
5ps X Rolling Pistol
10 x KB circles
50 x Mt Climbers


10 ps x KB SOTS press
20 x KB Ribbons
5 x DB man makers
10 X MB passes
100 x Skips

Notes: Quick session. I need a rest i pretty much was dead on the second set. Even with the lighter kettlebells. My Rear delts are fried and what did i pick to focus on today? Shoulders.. what an idiot. Took way longer than it should have.

Conditioning Training

Activity: weights
Training Partner: Sis
Calories intake: 2950
Exercise calories: 300 + 150 + ~300

3 Sets

10 X MB side slam
10 X KB step up and Press
10 X Kb Swing + lunge
20 X MB woodchopper
100 x MB toe taps

3 Sets

10 X bag slam
10 X Burpees
15 x box jumps
10 x KB figure 8’s
100 x Skipping

2 Sets

10 x Ab wheel Roll out
30s ps x side plank
10 x KB A frame situp
20 x crunch and punch

NOTES: Not related but it was very hot today. Cardio and abs based workout.

CT – Beginners Session 30 mins

Activity: CT
Training Partner: Carissa
Calories intake: 2850
Exercise calories: 280


KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set , ps = Per side

3 set:

20 MB Slam (arms , chest , back)
20 MB Start Throws (legs, Chest , arms)
20 MB Wall Throw (shoulders , arms)
20 MB Reach and Grab (core , lower core)
5m 1/5 shuttles

3 SET:

20 Kb Swing (Core Shoulders)
20 KB row (BAck, tris)
20 KB figure 8’s (shoulders back)
20 KB lunge (legs)
10m Bag carries x 5

NOTES: Short and sweet session. Workin with less fit person so the times are a little slow.

KB Conditioning Session – Back to it!

Training Partner:: NA
Calories intake:  2780 cal
Exercise calories:  302 cal


KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set , ps = Per side

3 set:

50 x mountain climber
20 x medicine ball slams
20 x Medicine ball side slams
10 x KB circle
100 x rope turns

3 SET:

20 x Kb Swing
20 x KB row
10 x KB figure 8’s
10 x Lateral burpee
(no rest between set)


20 x 60cm box jump
10 x up down planks
10 x DB T-pushups
100x MB toe taps
15 x Bag slams

NOTE: It has been approximately 3 months since my last actual CT session. Very surprising outcome. I am using much heavier weights but i am getting gassed earlier than usual. Time to ramp the training back up i think. I have new equipment my new 8kg medicine ball is actually a sand ball. So no bounce and the weight shifts inside the ball so it’s a different beast to use.

PROTIP:  Having oatmeal and milk before training is a bad idea.  Had to have a mini 2min break at 19min due to almost vomiting.

CT – New beginnings


Training Partner:: Dion
Calories intake:  3602 cal
Exercise calories:  350 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep – 5.5 hr

2 set:

20 Bag Slam (arms , chest , back)
20 Start Throws (legs, Chest , arms)
20 Wall Throw (shoulders , arms)
20 Reach and Grab (core , lower core)
10 x TRX pushup
3 x ladder circuit

3 SET:

20 Kb Swing (Core Shoulders)
10 KB row (BAck, tris)
10 KB figure 8’s (shoulders back)
10 KB lunge (legs)
No rest between set


10 x kick punch boxing combo
20 x crunch and punch
20 x Box jumps
100 x  boxing combo

NOTE: Had a small toilet break (needed) during the second set of the second round.  wasnt a hard session but we are easing dion back into it.

2012 NEW year CT

Activity: CT
Training Partner:: NA
Calories intake:  2653 cal
Exercise calories:  306 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep – 5.5 hr

3 Set

25 x Kb Swing
20 x TRX One arm row with torso rotation
10x Lateral Burpees
5 circuit x Bag slam / GNP / Side control / GNP / Side control
10 x bag slams

3 Set

10 x Ladder Lateral Pushups
20 x Bag crunch and punch (elbow)
10 x Lateral Burpees
10 x TRX PLYO pushups / MB figure 8’s
Ladder circuit (3 circuit)

2 set
10 x 5 stage leg raise
10ps x MB around the legs
10 x KB circle
10 x MB Russian twist
Ladder circuit (5 circuit)

 Way to bring in the new year. A humid CT session. A little disappointed in this session . I am going heavy with the weights but dying during the endurance parts. So i am going to have to change the training up a bit. Try to get 2-3 cardio sessions  a week in. Only short ones. 20-30 mins. Plus a regular CT schedule.  I am slow during the ladders too so i need to get the legs moving fast. Good session to start the year and show where i need to improve and be less lazy in the endurance.

CT – KB Shoulder focused.

Activity: CT
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2543 cal
Exercise calories: 298 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep – 9+ hr

KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set , ps = Per side , TRX = Using TRX suspension system

2 Sets

15 PS x KB Snatch
10 ps x SOTS PRESS
5 ps x KB TGU
20x Renegade ROWS

3 Sets

20ps X KB around the world.
6 ps x KB circle
10ps x KB Side delt raise
10ps x KB Diag Chops
5ps x Pistol squat

3 Sets
15 x KB High pull
10 x TRX Pushup / Y DELT PULL
8ps x KB Gun slingers

: Groin , possible injury doctors appointment on Monday.
Notes: Short Session today focusing on shoulder work. Was a damn humid day again its been raining all night. So much sweat my shins were sweating.
Notice my ab / groin injury during the push ups. So I’m going to get it checked out Monday. So dead lifts are off the cards until the all clear.


Training Partner: Ben , Matt
Calories intake: 2400 cals
Exercise calories: 650+ cals
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep: – 10.4 hrs
IF: – NO

KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set , ps = Per side , TRX = Using TRX suspension system


2 set
10 x Front round kick combo on bag
10m x 2 farmer KB walk.

2 Set

15-20 x EZ bar clean and press
20 x Kb Swing to press
5-8 ps x KB Windmills
5-1 burpee + sprint

1 Set
20x KB one hand swing
10 – 15 EZ bar clean to squat to Push press
10 x KB figure 8’s
20 x MB push pass
10 x 10m jog by 2 then sprint 1

2 set
Boxing work Combos
2 people do bag work other does a set of KB while waiting

20 x focus combo (jab cross uppercut overhand)
5 x half Turkish getup +  1 Full TGU

20 x focus combo (jab jab cross uppercut round overhand)
2X 5PS  KB circles.

3 rounds
2min grappling for position + knee work.

Good session but the circuits could of been constructed to be a little better, progressing was a bit weird. The MT work was good really highlighted proper hip positioning. Nice solid 600 cal session. I took off my HRM for the grappling part.

Ben and matty grappling for position

CT – Karate / TRX work

Training Partner: Matt
Calories intake: 3400 cals
Exercise calories: 313 + 252 cals
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep: – 11 hrs
IF: – 16hrs

Martial arts session

Combinations With 40 pound resistance on legs

Combo #1: on Pads, Jab, Cross , front kick (person with pad is working on evasion of kick and guard work).
Combo #2: on Pads: Jab, Cross, hook, hook, uppercut, Knee
Combo #3: On shield: Driving round kick to side knee or thigh x 10 per side (heavy and fast) / Round kick head level (Fast reps)
Combo #4: On Paddle: Focus round kicks
Combo #5: On shields : Jab jab Hook punch (other person swings) (Duck / Block) Switch Flying knee
Combo #6: Working on flowing kicks and balance an form: On paddles Round to back to hook kicks.
Combo #7: Work on timing for guards and proper evasion: block block evade Random kick (moving forward)

Notes: Pretty impressed with accuracy since i haven’t worked on those tiny focus paddles for a while, resistance was awesome made sure the hips were used in the kicks.

Training Partner: Louise
KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set , ps = Per side , TRX = Using TRX suspension system

2 Sets

20 x Kb Swing (Core Shoulders)
10 x KB row (BAck, tris)
20 x KB figure 8’s (shoulders back)
10 x KB lunge (legs)

2 Sets

15 x TRX 45deg Pushup (chest back)
20 x KB High Pull(shoulder)
10 x TRX Reverse Flys (back)
20 x KB Circles (core shoulder)
10 x TRX Body Saw (lats back)
10 X TRX PIKE (core)
10 X Rolling Pistol (legs)
10 X TRX Star Torso Rotation (arms)
10(ps) X TRX single leg squat

Today was all about learning the TRX, i thought the session was going to be harder but most of the time was teaching the use of it. After the 35 min i stopped the HRM, We went through another 15-20 mins of different TRX movements figuring out which ones are good and which ones are bad. Which ones i can do and ones louise can do. Over all it’s a great addition to the equipment but some of the moves are WAY too easy and Some are nearly impossible. I need to up my KB’s too as we are both getting through the KB stuff easy as. Today they felt so light, so i will by some heavier ones soon and upgrade lou to the next level up. Next week we will step it up again KB’s MB and TRX combined.

The exercises we tried after we stopped the training.

SL squat – Not too bad Could be hard work during a super set, but probably wont use it unless i work with someone new.
Balance Lunge – Excellent for Hip flexor work
Hip Abduction – Core and hip flexors work, not to bad fair easy. Maybe use on the last set of a workout.
45 deg Chest Press – Pretty easy but arms shaking all over the joint near the bottom of the rep, but it wasn’t hard.
Back Row – Was to easy considering the amount of heavy rowing i do normally, i most likely wont use these.
Y delt Raise – Really works the traps and delt Very good.
High bicep curl – Way to easy again, wont use will do KB versions
Tricep Press – Feels a bit retarded , wont use these
Walk outs – Insanely awesome , you need a strong core and shoulders for this.
Jack Knife – I do these all the time on swiss balls so easy for me. But will use as i don’t have a ball in that room
Pull Through – Very interesting core exercise and it’s very good for lower abs. Will use.
Body Saw – God damn this is hard by awesome, put these in my routine for sure.
Spider planks – Not too bad i’ve done a bunch of these in the past with the TRX you need to keep steady so awesome work.
Floor Wipers – Nearly impossible for me but i’ll work on it.
Torso Rotation – Just crap. Hated it.
PIKE – Not to bad, another yoga styled core workout.
Muscle ups – I tried a couple but i didn’t set the locks up right and i slipped badly when it let go, but i’ll do these again.

CT – Smaller Outdoor session

Training Partner: Dan
Calories intake: 2866 cals
Exercise calories: 325 + 250 cals
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep: – 8.5 hrs
IF: – 16hrs

KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set , ps = Per side

1 set

15(ps) x Kb Swing
5x 10m KB Lateral resisted shuttle / 4 x 10m High knee shuttle + 10 pushup
5(ps) x KB TUG
10 x KB Iron Cross
10 x MB over head Squat
2x (25 meter MB Start throw / 25 meter KB Squat)

One person throws then both run to where the MB lands and the person with the KB squats on that position, continue 25 meters, Swap sprint back to start and do it again

2 Sets

10x KB snatch
8(ps) X kb Fig 8 with curl
10x KB Fwd Lunge
10 x KB Renegade Row
10x KB Iron cross / MB Toe taps.

2 Sets

10 x 5 punch combo + Sprawl
20x crunch and punch
20x Impact crunch.

Injury: None, Rad!

Energy was awesome today, strength just as good. I felt great doing the session, the first set went entirely too long over 15 minutes, teaching my mate dan the techniques and modifying the pre planned session to work with the uneven grassy area we were working on. Focusing more cardio based again today, Next weeks sessions will be more Conditioning based. I swear i need to make a bra to fit my HRM in, ever since my lats have exploded in size getting that V shape my HRM just keeps falling down no matter what i try. Felt great to work with dan again, it’s been about 6 months. There was plenty other PT’s there running their boot camps but it’s funny when we train even in the gym they always seem to stop and watch whats we are doing, then we see them trying it on their groups later on. Although this session is a light session compared to a usual session.