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CT – Back to the basics

Activity: CT
Training Partner: Carissa
Calories intake:   3750
Exercise calories: ~350

2013-03-26 CT


3 Rounds

20 x Kb Swing
5 x (ps) KB TGU
20 x MB slams
10 X burpee -> pullup
20 x Front bag kicks

3 rounds

10 x tyre flips
10 X MB Circles
10 x KB clean and press
10 X 4 punch -> Sprawl
2x5m Partner push


20 x crunch and punch
20 x MB russian Twist
10 x resisted leg raises
10 x wrestler sit out

Damage : Quads

NOTES: Couldn’t try the FFS challenge this week as i couldn’t even squat parallel yet. So just did some old school CT work. Bit weird, weight i used to do felt really light.

MMA styled circuits

Activity: CT
Training Partner: Carissa
Calories intake:   2740
Exercise calories: ~750 (including other activities)

2013-02-17 mets


10 – 1  reps

tyre flips
MB slams
Box jumps (60 cm)
Ground and pound bag combo’s
x10 Skipping (100 – 10)

Resisted Bear Crawls 2x10m after each set.


NOTES: Pretty good session, relised my HRM wasn’t synced up so no heart rate for this activity. Wasn’t too stressful, bear crawls were awesome though. My sister isn’t really strong enough to get enough resistance. We hit a small mat that we use for the cars and she was using it like a toboggan i was dragging her along the garage. Must of looked funny.  I think i might try a tyre flippathon soon. Just for the fun.

CT – Randomness

Activity: CT
Training Partner: Carissa
Calories intake:   2950
Exercise calories: ~650 (including other activities)

2013-02-10 bfm

2013-02-10 HRM

2013-02-10 mets

2 set

20 x KB Swings
5mx2 Bear crawls Resisted
8ps x Gob squat to OH lunge
10ps x Rolling Pistol
5x5m x KB lateral Shuffle


10 x FF tyre flips + jumps
12 x MB slam
10 x TRX pushup
10 x KB over under
100x skips

10 x wrestler sit out
10 x abs roll out
10 x MB around the legs
10 x KB windmill
boxing combos

NOTES: took a bit longer than it should have but i am recording some video in the middle so it’s a little hard to keep it quick. I would estimate this would take about 32 mins all up. The tyre is about 40kg so it’s not HEAVY but it’s still a good workout.


Small CT session

Activity: CT
Training Partner: Carissa
Calories intake:   2950
Exercise calories: ~250 (including other activities)

2013-01-27 bfm

2013-01-27 hrm

2013-01-27 mets


3 x

20x KB 1 arm swings
5ps X Rolling Pistol
10 x KB circles
50 x Mt Climbers


10 ps x KB SOTS press
20 x KB Ribbons
5 x DB man makers
10 X MB passes
100 x Skips

Notes: Quick session. I need a rest i pretty much was dead on the second set. Even with the lighter kettlebells. My Rear delts are fried and what did i pick to focus on today? Shoulders.. what an idiot. Took way longer than it should have.

Conditioning with medicine ball domination

Activity: CT
Training Partner: Carissa
Calories intake:   3105
Exercise calories: ~400 (including other activities)

2013-01-06 hrm

2013-01-06 mets

Requires a partner on this one

5 Sets (no rest between sets)

10 x MB slams
10 x MB pass swap (5 m)
10 X MB side slam
20 x MB Russian twist with partner
20 x pad crunch and punch

3 Sets

5x DB man makers
15 x Box jumps
8ps X kb woodchop
20 x MT climbers to elbow
1 min plank / side plank / plank

Notes: quick but intense session.

Conditioning Training

Activity: weights
Training Partner: Sis
Calories intake: 2950
Exercise calories: 300 + 150 + ~300

3 Sets

10 X MB side slam
10 X KB step up and Press
10 X Kb Swing + lunge
20 X MB woodchopper
100 x MB toe taps

3 Sets

10 X bag slam
10 X Burpees
15 x box jumps
10 x KB figure 8’s
100 x Skipping

2 Sets

10 x Ab wheel Roll out
30s ps x side plank
10 x KB A frame situp
20 x crunch and punch

NOTES: Not related but it was very hot today. Cardio and abs based workout.

CT MB and KB Session

3 Sets

20 x MB pass and burpee
20 x MB slams
20 x MB Side Slams
20 X MB Circles
100 x Skip

3 Set

10 x KB snatch Lunge
10 x KB High pull HEAVY
10 x KB figure 8’s
10 x Lateral burpee

NOTES: 2 people required for pass (or a good wall). Today was so humid and hot so i was sweating so hard. Pretty intense short session.

CT w6

Activity: CT
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2780
Exercise calories: 277


3 sets

30 x Kb Swing
16 x KB snatch + press
10 x KB Ribbons
20 x KB row
100 x fast boxing
50 x Rope turns

3 Sets

10 x KB Squat + Yaw press
20 x Kb Swing
10 x KB windmills
10 x MB side throws
100 x MB toe taps

2 Sets

10 x KB Iron Cross
20 x KB 1/2 Get up
10 x Burpee
10 X Hip Extension

NOTES:Short and sweet no rest between rounds. HR data went insane when it fell off during a set. Pretty easy over all but just enough to get a sweat going.

Metabolic training – Circuits

Activity: CT
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 3210
Exercise calories: 389


5 rounds of

100 x rope turns singles (or double unders)
40 x Kb Swing
30 x MT climbers
20 X MB Slams
20 X KB lunge
10 x KB suitcase dead lift
6ps x KB clean jerk
5 x BAG slam x 2 followed by 2x Lateral burpee

DAMAGE: Rhomboids
NOTES: Make sure you use your legs to lift the heavy bag. This is the most intense workout in a long time. It was also freaking hot today 32 deg in the shed.

CT – Sparticus

Activity:  CT, Rock climb
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 3085
Exercise calories: 602


ROCK CLIMBING: 1.5 hours.

Todays session:

Sparticus workout:

20 x KB goblet Squat
100 x MT climber
40 x Kb Swing
20 x DB T pushup
30 x Split squat jump
30 X KB row
30 X KB side lunge and touch
25 X KB  / DB Renegade Row.
26 X KB lunge twist
20 X KB press

Time : 14:56

Followed by

2 Set

10 x MB pass and Sprawl
20 X up Wall throws
sset: 10 X wrestler Sitout / 10 x Lateral burpee
SSet: 10x KB circle / 10x KB Ribbons

1 Set

5 x Boxing combo (6 hit Muay Thai combo then one KB TGU per side repeat)
5 x 5 Stage leg raise / Resisted Leg raise
Sset : 100 (combo) punches
100 skips

DAMAGE: Shoulders a bit sore today.

NOTES: Good Session. Sweating a bit, almost vommed up my lasagna. Rock climbing was ok. Did some new runs. All harder ones. Also did a couple of speed runs. Ct session was ok tried the sparticus workout. Wasn’t hard at all so i added some of my other CT stuff to the end. I’ll be CT’ing again a fair bit i think.