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Unplanned deload rest.

Looks like I’m on an unplanned rest week. Got a cancer cut out. Still bleeding so best not to gym until that stops. Very disappointed. It’s on the wrist so benching is hard or anything requiring arms.

But better than the alternatives.

 EDIT: I’ll hit up some legs tomorrow.  Just rest the arm for a couple of days give a chance to start healing.


New toy


28kg of heaviness. Admire my foot asthetics. (ps) I’m not naked.

Couple of things

Just got a few new toys to play with. I already have a trx but i bought a second military version as i picked it super cheap. Next year i have another $500 or so of gear to play with for conditioning sessions so that is going to be so awesome.

Pics of my shoulders after supporting almost 3x my body weight for calf raises. Every time i i get these pressure marks on my shoulders.

Oct 24 – Oct 30 – Break

Planned recovery week, to give my CNS a break. Fully recover muscle repair and get motivated for next cycle. Nagging injuries over the past week with long recovery times for muscle soreness with slight immune dip. This cycle (8 weeks) burned 11000+ calories in exercise.

Next cycle: (8 – 10weeks)
Adding weighted dips to WPT workout and Back day. Weight on chins from next cycle. Alternating Hang clean and press and military press. Otherwise same as before.
Get back to Wide grip pullups and downs if fingers permit.

Lifting: – Dead lift 180kg x 1, Squat 140kg x 1, Flat or incline Bench 100kg x 5, Weighted chin +15kg for 6 reps, 3x BW on calf.
Aesthetics: Bring arms in proportion with rest of body. Build some more shoulder / Delt muscles.
Fitness: Ability to fight 5 x 5min rounds without effort (fairly close with this). Weekly Conditioning sessions with kettle bells should make a return. Reach 5km on HiiT sprints in 25 mins.
Martial Arts:Grade to 3rd Dan karate. Alternating new style of Jeet kun do and muay thai.
Life: At least start casual PT work by end of jan.

Where are you at?

If you ever wonder where you fit into the gym crowd? Take a look when you are doing your set where all the wear marks are on the stack. The more wear, the more people are  in that range. Where do you fit in ?


Week – Pre 7

Week PRE-7 Recovering phase, 4-5 days no exercise. Just stretching 20 minutes 3 times this week, give a chance for full recovery before going hitting it hard. Next week is POWER phase (5×5) for 4 weeks. 5×5 on compound and 4×10 on isolation and abs. So i’ll get back to studying this week. Progess is going really well. I have been adding nearly every week on the compounds but haven’t moved much on the isolations, will try harder.

Some progress charts (just the main lifts)

Barbell Bench, Had chest tear and it took a few weeks and not i am taking off again.

BB row , Just got better each week.

Dead lift – Just got better every week and it’s may favourite exercise at the moment.  The line down is where i started the new program.
Squats – Not Exactly sure what happened to Squats i thought it was doing good. Reset my form on the down hill slide and started the new program. I think the before hand is where i was doing 5×5 .  Least it’s on the way back up.

Lat pulldowns – Just got better every week, my back responded well to the program so far. It’s grown the most by far.



Quick update (UPDATE!)

Hey guys.

Just a quick update to let you know where i am at. As you may have noticed there is a couple workouts missing this week and the reason for that is i have come down with a bad case of Giardiasis a stomach infection, This explains the horrible performance on that Monday workout. Extreme Fatigue and improper bowel movements have taken over for the last 3 days  (too much info i know). So far lost approximately 4.4 kg (sad) and a bit of size.  So instead of trying to power through i decided to have a rest until next monday where i will come back with phase 2 of this training program, and smash it hard. It sucks being away from training but sometimes you have to step back and let your body do it’s thing. As of today i am back up approx 2kg, which is good and feeling better although still having major stomach pains. I’ve had the medication and it feel like it is moving out of my system so all should be good!

I’ve used the time to almost finish up my exams for my PT course and just resort out some business ideas and try to make things in life more efficient.  Take care back soon ( hopefully with some new interesting things for you to read).


It took 10 days to get rid of this bug, in that time i had almost zero energy or inkling to go to gym. I started to feel better on the Saturday morning, Saturday night I felt sick again and woke up with the start of a sinus / Chest infection. So i am having a bit of bad run at the moment. Lets hope this is it for the year! I still lifted WOA but it wasn’t as awesome as usual. My appetite is almost non existent at the moment. Every time i eat i feel sick, but i am forcing food down as best i can.

May Indoor Rock climb

Went down the coast for my friends birthday party but that didn’t stop the fitness activities what so ever. Headed back down to the gold coast indoor rock climbing. We climbed for approximately 1.5 hours got in about 8 climbs each. I have to say i was not fatigued at all the only issue i had was my shoes kept slipping and i smashed my shin and knees! Usually i get sore shoulders and forearms but it seems the recent training has had a huge effect on this area. I had nothing, i felt fresh after about 30 seconds. The last climb i did was the dreaded over hang again and i didn’t make it this time, i couldn’t get the footing right before i fell off. I tried the “cave climb” where you climb inside a wall then you scale around another wall and then come up over a gap. Very cool. Had a great time.

Back from break and starting new.

I had a great easter catching up with friends and eating a lot of food. I was going to hold off until my NZ holiday in july before trying this latest program out.  I relised that is approximately 14 weeks away. Which is basically the first phase of this program.  I have done the standard bulk up and cut programs (4×10, 3×10, 5×5) although these have been successful, i want to try something different. This program how ever has definite phases, periodisation and timing so i am willing to try it out.  It contains linear period , alternating period and undulating period which is interesting.

Weeks 1-3 – muscle endurance
weeks 4-12 – muscle overload
Weeks 13-14 Undulated Periodisation training

The goal is to put on some extra poundage for the next six months.

So for the next 14 weeks i will try this style of program and see what results are accomplished.

Fitness Goals for the next 14 weeks

Sleep: 8 hours a day
Train: 4-5 x a week – 3 weights / 1 HiiT/ CT  and martial arts training
Goal weight: 85-87kg at 11%Bf (which will cut down to 7%-9% after this program)
Cardio: Still be able to do what i do now.  Smash out a CT session or just run a 5km out of the blue without training.


Adding in some more information – Martial arts

Well i am using this as my personal training log as i am involved in martial arts so i am going to start adding in what happened at training, some tips and articles mainly on karate at this stage to the blog. I am going to  try to give general tips as well to help any art you maybe in to.  So keep tuned.