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Dexa Scan

Today I had my free dexa scan. Body composition test which is 99% accurate on measuring your body fat. As I am on my bulk cycle I was thinking maybe I should of cut a bit to get a lower number :D. I bulk fairly lean. My estimate I had in my mind was high 10 low 11%. My calipers worked out to about 9.4% which is mainly for sub region fat. So with this in mind I went in to get my base line for my bulk and a goal for when I cut. The dexa machine is pretty funky, just a table and a little arm that comes over you and the table moves forward, back, up and down. The Arm moves as well. It makes 3 passes of your body with different angles. Makes some funky tunes and beeps and it’s done within 3 minutes. I wasn’t expecting a fantastic result as i am putting weight on. I was wondering if my measuring and guestimations are on the mark. So lets get to the results (Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) DXA scans are used primarily to evaluate bone mineral density. DXA scans can also be used to measure total body composition and fat content with a high degree of accuracy comparable to hydrostatic weighing with a few important caveats.


BMC is Bone mineral content, basically the weight of you bones. My skeleton is 2.6kg 🙂

FAT MASS – How much fat you have

LEAN MASS – Lean muscle weight Lean+bmc – lean weight + skeleton

Total mass – How much you weigh

%fat – body fat percentage . Measured in two areas , whole body and r1 sub abdominal region. Everyone’s head contains at least 20% fat so you need to take that off the total and use the subtotal for your fat amount. As expected i am bang on 11% which is what I guestimated just from looking. I am holding weight in my hips and thighs only at the moment.


Colored skeleton is the fat distribution. Yellow is FAT orange and red are lean mass and blue is bone. I haven’t got too much fat as you can see. the r1 region is marked on the grey skeleton. People are supposed to have under 900gs of fat there. I have 363g not bad … Would be lower when i get back to 7% i hope :). As from the report you can see BMI is total bullshit. They need to get rid of it.


The 3rd page is bone density. The scale is -1.0 to +1.0 so my -0.6 is a pretty good result. So yes , something interesting. Gives me an idea what I need to work on and how my guesses are pretty good when it comes to estimating someone’s fat percentage.

Grunt pics

A selection of pictures from the grunt race a couple of weeks ago.

failed adventure race

Made it about 1 hour in about 400 cals.

Let me start by saying it was a FUCKING AWFUL day for a race. I has been pissing down rain for days and the WHOLE course was mud and flooded. If it wasn’t mud you were trying to go through puddles.

Very disappointed today. First race i EVER earned a DNF on. The problem is the race wasn’t even hard which makes it more a disappointment. I was kicking it’s ass really. Although, I was clearly out of place here. It was a NOVICE event, i even had a KMART mountain bike (styling). When we rocked up it was very clear, everyone except myself and two others were professionals. Everyone else had $2000+ bikes and all the gear while i was on my kmart bike, kmart wet weather gear (not an excuse but when you are pedaling 4 x times as much as the others it adds up).

The people we met up with were pro’s as well but he was content to hang back with us. This dude is a machine. He ended up carrying two of our team plus himself through the mud. He also placed 2nd in tough mudder sydney.

The problem started when we got to a river crossing the course went off and we ended up swimming against a huge current and instead of taking 5 mins at about 700m. It ended up taking almost 20 minutes 1.2km. My shoes got stuck in the mud bank and it was basically horrible.

As you may have read i have been having issues with my hammies and hips. So what happens the second i get out of the water. We start running to next check point my calf instantly seizes up. I continue on for about 300 meters until the calf then include my hamstring. So i told them to go on with out me. I waited for them getting annihilated by mozzies , stretching out my calves and hammies waiting for the swim back and the MT biking. It takes them about 20 minutes to get the checkpoints and run back.

So we start to swim back my hamstrings cramp and i can’t bend my leg until i get 500m down stream and hobble back to land. I managed to run on land back to the checkpoint while getting muscle spasms in my legs and hips. I thought if i can just get on the bike i will be ok to ride the next 10km to the finish.

I was wrong

I get about 100m down the mud road on the bike and my left quad seizes and cramps and i basically need to jump off the bike to avoid falling. After that i just declared it a day and told my team i would just slowly ride the 6km back to the start. So today i am very disappointed in myself and my body.

I will need to look into this cramping thing as i am getting it way too often lately and it’s looking like i may need injection in my hip to reduce my swelling in the tendons. So we will work that out. But i am determined to give the 6 hour version a go at the end of the year after some bike and swim training.

Summary report jan

2013-02-04 report 2

2013-02-04 report

Well again i missed my weight gain goal, i know this. Bad timing. Having been feeling hungry at all lately. Lots of changes happening so trying to keep on track. Weight gain has stopped. I need to remove some fats this months too. I have been really bad. But no noticeable FAT gain which is good if anything i am leaner than last month.  Bulk might need to stop as my koadak race in in 6 weeks , i need to get my cardio up for that.



New years bitches.

Yes, new years is upon us. So i will now try to figure out my thoughts for training next year.

Few things i want to do next year:

– I have at least 3 obstacle Races so i want to be able to complete those without issues.
– Add more mass get to my goal physique this year, Pretty close just some weak points need to be brought up.
– Technical OLY lifts – Need to get the form perfect.

Things i need to figure out.

– Linear progression goals in body building and strength trying to balance the two.
– 1 rm goals (I am not interested in this too much anymore. I think what i am doing is pretty decent. Maybe retain my current 1rm’s and add mass)
– How to get cardio fit and retain mass.
– Balancing HIT and HEAVY strength work fighting CNS fatigue.

General things i need to work on

– Balancing nutrition and recovery. Stop getting fatigued so easily.
– Getting my blood back into top condition.
– Confidence , Mental Attitude.

Martial arts goals

– Confidence in abilities and mental attitude
– Fight WITHOUT thinking.
– Keep guard and hand speed.
– Work on movement and sharping up the tecniques

So theres a few things to go through today. But i think i have it figured. Be your own lab rat.



Activity: Karate Grading
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 3552
Exercise calories: 3850

6 Grading , 14+ kata about 2-3 hours fighting

Damage: Hips, suspected fractured rib. Bruised arms, legs, face.
NOTES: Sandan black belt. I have done multiple races including tough mudder and i still think these are the hardest things i have ever done. Physically and mentally. Glad i have to wait 4 years for my next one. So much sweat, so many cramps.




End of year update.

(mainly negative post ahead)

Bulking, added some mass and flab but not too much

33rd Bday update Y’ALL!


Chest 108cm (+ 4cm)
arms 39cm (+ 2cm)
thighs : 64cm (-2 cm) (oops)
waist : 81cm (+2 cm)
calves: 43cm (+1-2cm)
BF: ~11%

End of year update.


This year i followed the same program only swapping accessories lifts every 8 to 12 weeks. I must admit i didn’t gain as much mass i wanted this year.
Ended up at 78kg lean. My goal was about 83kg lean, although i do look better than last year. I knew i couldn’t keep up the eating.


Start of the year was a bit of randomness. Having cancer cut out of my arm was definitly different. Having to change my training to no do arms at all. That followed immediately by and arm infection, skin infection, hip tendonopathy finding bone spurs in the socket. So that took a lot of my training off course.Middle of the year, fatiguing i got blood checked and found high blood pressure and low white cell, low test count. Luckily the BP thing was super temporary, that was due to my extreme cut for photos i was really dehydrated for the test. Although, the fatigue and strength flutuations persisted until recently. I kept pushing on training using my apps to make temporary goals.Last 6-8 weeks have been the worst, still low white cell count. General fatiguing causing motivational issues and strength drops made it hard to keep positive about training.Next year i really have to make a plan and STICK TO IT no matter what.


Looking back at the training as well over the last year it seems i didn’t increase strength too much. The main reason is really no training partner to push past those sticking points. Although i did increase total volume i didn’t increase the weight too dramatically.Had some motivational issues over the last 3 months due to getting fatigued all the time. BUT, not to be negative. I did increase mass and leaness so i am happy there.

Some examples of increases

BB squat 110 -> 137.5 (140kg goal just missed)
BB bench 80kg to 92.5 (now back to 85 due to not training them anymore)
BB bent over row 80kg -> 95kg
DB inc bench -> 32.5kg to 40kg db’s
Deadlift 145 to 180kg max (goal achieved)
WGPU +10 -> +15kg
WGPD NO change 80×8
DIPS BW to +30kg (goal achieved)

The last 8 or so weeks i have backed off the strength in favour for mass building (I need more leg mass next year). I also started some Olympic to keep it interesting I am loving cleans and clean and pressing. So most of my lifts have decreased back to about January strength levels. Now i am trying to get fit again for some races. So i need to balance weights and cardio again.The middle of the year started indoor rock climbing in addition to the weights and conditioning which was a welcome relief to do some non gym related exercises.
We ended up getting pretty good by the end of the year!


I did sporadic conditioning through the year. For some reason i didn’t notice i dropped long distance (over 5km runs) completely this year, dropped stair climbs which i really enjoyed.
Main reason again is my training partner dropped off the face of the planet i honestly hate running which is why i favour my CT sessions. Restarted conditioning a few weeks ago and i know for certain my cardio endurance was affected but it is slowly coming back. HiiT is easier than ever. Hip plays up with anything over 7-8km though.


This year a few fitness highlights.

1. Tough mudda. This was a great time, marathon driving effort followed by a 20km obstacle race with mates. Completely awesome
2. Bridge to justice (b2b). Bridge to Brisbane in a super hero outfit. So much fun and almost beat my best time while having fun.
3. Lifting goals , 180kg deadlift i don’t know why but i was super happy reaching this goal. 2.4x my body weight. +30 on dips was good too. Happy with squats considering hip damage.


Well i am not a young punk anymore. My goals for next year is likely to change of getting huge and ripped staying fit doing multiple races. Keeping active but not risking it all.
I am looking at complete change in weight training, staying 14 months on the same program is kind of getting to me. I might hop on a upper lower or 4 day traditional split. This way i can add cardio in after weights.
Few races i want to complete next year

1. Kokoda Grunt
2. Spartan race
3. Tough mudda (thinking both days).
4. Soldier rush
5. Zombie survival challenge.

Strength wise.

45kg DB bench
180kg deads for 3-5 reps (maybe a 200kg 1 pull)
140kg squats for reps
80kg OHP
80kg Clean and press

LIFE in general

Get out more, a better paying job, start a team sport or activity. Take some more short trips etc etc. Needs some major changes here.

Moving my Motivational stuff to a new site.

Figured I better move the motivational stuff to a new site so you guys don’t need to go through my old workouts to find them.
I am also going to move this site into a fight related site with more videos on training and techniques and workouts.
So i will be transitioning everything into separate sites. My training blog, fight stuff and motivational stuff.

Sparing accident on video

This is from a sparing session a few weeks ago with ben. Luckily he has kids already.

Testicles were harmed during filming of this video.

Gross arm

Pics of the arm getting drained, grossness

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