Week off training.

Well the time has come i haven’t had a full week off training since October.  I have had a couple of deload weeks in between there but i still train hard those weeks. I have been fairly ill over the last 3 days not keeping much food down. I have no idea why or what is causing it but i will get it checked out. I suspect maybe another round of food poisoning! But this week i will only do 2 days of HiiT Sprints, Tuesday and Thursday. I was supposed to train last Saturday and Sunday with maximum intensity but no session happened, didn’t have the energy at all. Only eating approx 1100 cals over those days.

I was planning the week rest next week just to give a chance for the CNS to catchup with all the loading i have been putting on it the last 3 weeks especially. I will start the next routine one week early too, this is a 3 day full body workout. I want to give it a run through to see how effective it is. Need to ramp up the martial arts sections of the CT training and reduce the weights side. Kick up the VO2 training too so i can obliterate the next grading.

Anyways, i’ll probably post a couple articles during the week to keep this alive!

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