Oct 24 – Oct 30 – Break

Planned recovery week, to give my CNS a break. Fully recover muscle repair and get motivated for next cycle. Nagging injuries over the past week with long recovery times for muscle soreness with slight immune dip. This cycle (8 weeks) burned 11000+ calories in exercise.

Next cycle: (8 – 10weeks)
Adding weighted dips to WPT workout and Back day. Weight on chins from next cycle. Alternating Hang clean and press and military press. Otherwise same as before.
Get back to Wide grip pullups and downs if fingers permit.

Lifting: – Dead lift 180kg x 1, Squat 140kg x 1, Flat or incline Bench 100kg x 5, Weighted chin +15kg for 6 reps, 3x BW on calf.
Aesthetics: Bring arms in proportion with rest of body. Build some more shoulder / Delt muscles.
Fitness: Ability to fight 5 x 5min rounds without effort (fairly close with this). Weekly Conditioning sessions with kettle bells should make a return. Reach 5km on HiiT sprints in 25 mins.
Martial Arts:Grade to 3rd Dan karate. Alternating new style of Jeet kun do and muay thai.
Life: At least start casual PT work by end of jan.

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