failed adventure race

Made it about 1 hour in about 400 cals.

Let me start by saying it was a FUCKING AWFUL day for a race. I has been pissing down rain for days and the WHOLE course was mud and flooded. If it wasn’t mud you were trying to go through puddles.

Very disappointed today. First race i EVER earned a DNF on. The problem is the race wasn’t even hard which makes it more a disappointment. I was kicking it’s ass really. Although, I was clearly out of place here. It was a NOVICE event, i even had a KMART mountain bike (styling). When we rocked up it was very clear, everyone except myself and two others were professionals. Everyone else had $2000+ bikes and all the gear while i was on my kmart bike, kmart wet weather gear (not an excuse but when you are pedaling 4 x times as much as the others it adds up).

The people we met up with were pro’s as well but he was content to hang back with us. This dude is a machine. He ended up carrying two of our team plus himself through the mud. He also placed 2nd in tough mudder sydney.

The problem started when we got to a river crossing the course went off and we ended up swimming against a huge current and instead of taking 5 mins at about 700m. It ended up taking almost 20 minutes 1.2km. My shoes got stuck in the mud bank and it was basically horrible.

As you may have read i have been having issues with my hammies and hips. So what happens the second i get out of the water. We start running to next check point my calf instantly seizes up. I continue on for about 300 meters until the calf then include my hamstring. So i told them to go on with out me. I waited for them getting annihilated by mozzies , stretching out my calves and hammies waiting for the swim back and the MT biking. It takes them about 20 minutes to get the checkpoints and run back.

So we start to swim back my hamstrings cramp and i can’t bend my leg until i get 500m down stream and hobble back to land. I managed to run on land back to the checkpoint while getting muscle spasms in my legs and hips. I thought if i can just get on the bike i will be ok to ride the next 10km to the finish.

I was wrong

I get about 100m down the mud road on the bike and my left quad seizes and cramps and i basically need to jump off the bike to avoid falling. After that i just declared it a day and told my team i would just slowly ride the 6km back to the start. So today i am very disappointed in myself and my body.

I will need to look into this cramping thing as i am getting it way too often lately and it’s looking like i may need injection in my hip to reduce my swelling in the tendons. So we will work that out. But i am determined to give the 6 hour version a go at the end of the year after some bike and swim training.

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