End of year update.

(mainly negative post ahead)

Bulking, added some mass and flab but not too much

33rd Bday update Y’ALL!


Chest 108cm (+ 4cm)
arms 39cm (+ 2cm)
thighs : 64cm (-2 cm) (oops)
waist : 81cm (+2 cm)
calves: 43cm (+1-2cm)
BF: ~11%

End of year update.


This year i followed the same program only swapping accessories lifts every 8 to 12 weeks. I must admit i didn’t gain as much mass i wanted this year.
Ended up at 78kg lean. My goal was about 83kg lean, although i do look better than last year. I knew i couldn’t keep up the eating.


Start of the year was a bit of randomness. Having cancer cut out of my arm was definitly different. Having to change my training to no do arms at all. That followed immediately by and arm infection, skin infection, hip tendonopathy finding bone spurs in the socket. So that took a lot of my training off course.Middle of the year, fatiguing i got blood checked and found high blood pressure and low white cell, low test count. Luckily the BP thing was super temporary, that was due to my extreme cut for photos i was really dehydrated for the test. Although, the fatigue and strength flutuations persisted until recently. I kept pushing on training using my apps to make temporary goals.Last 6-8 weeks have been the worst, still low white cell count. General fatiguing causing motivational issues and strength drops made it hard to keep positive about training.Next year i really have to make a plan and STICK TO IT no matter what.


Looking back at the training as well over the last year it seems i didn’t increase strength too much. The main reason is really no training partner to push past those sticking points. Although i did increase total volume i didn’t increase the weight too dramatically.Had some motivational issues over the last 3 months due to getting fatigued all the time. BUT, not to be negative. I did increase mass and leaness so i am happy there.

Some examples of increases

BB squat 110 -> 137.5 (140kg goal just missed)
BB bench 80kg to 92.5 (now back to 85 due to not training them anymore)
BB bent over row 80kg -> 95kg
DB inc bench -> 32.5kg to 40kg db’s
Deadlift 145 to 180kg max (goal achieved)
WGPU +10 -> +15kg
WGPD NO change 80×8
DIPS BW to +30kg (goal achieved)

The last 8 or so weeks i have backed off the strength in favour for mass building (I need more leg mass next year). I also started some Olympic to keep it interesting I am loving cleans and clean and pressing. So most of my lifts have decreased back to about January strength levels. Now i am trying to get fit again for some races. So i need to balance weights and cardio again.The middle of the year started indoor rock climbing in addition to the weights and conditioning which was a welcome relief to do some non gym related exercises.
We ended up getting pretty good by the end of the year!


I did sporadic conditioning through the year. For some reason i didn’t notice i dropped long distance (over 5km runs) completely this year, dropped stair climbs which i really enjoyed.
Main reason again is my training partner dropped off the face of the planet i honestly hate running which is why i favour my CT sessions. Restarted conditioning a few weeks ago and i know for certain my cardio endurance was affected but it is slowly coming back. HiiT is easier than ever. Hip plays up with anything over 7-8km though.


This year a few fitness highlights.

1. Tough mudda. This was a great time, marathon driving effort followed by a 20km obstacle race with mates. Completely awesome
2. Bridge to justice (b2b). Bridge to Brisbane in a super hero outfit. So much fun and almost beat my best time while having fun.
3. Lifting goals , 180kg deadlift i don’t know why but i was super happy reaching this goal. 2.4x my body weight. +30 on dips was good too. Happy with squats considering hip damage.


Well i am not a young punk anymore. My goals for next year is likely to change of getting huge and ripped staying fit doing multiple races. Keeping active but not risking it all.
I am looking at complete change in weight training, staying 14 months on the same program is kind of getting to me. I might hop on a upper lower or 4 day traditional split. This way i can add cardio in after weights.
Few races i want to complete next year

1. Kokoda Grunt
2. Spartan race
3. Tough mudda (thinking both days).
4. Soldier rush
5. Zombie survival challenge.

Strength wise.

45kg DB bench
180kg deads for 3-5 reps (maybe a 200kg 1 pull)
140kg squats for reps
80kg OHP
80kg Clean and press

LIFE in general

Get out more, a better paying job, start a team sport or activity. Take some more short trips etc etc. Needs some major changes here.

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