CT / Cut end of cycle

I have finished my cycle 1 4 week conditioning circuits

Start weight : 78.5kg
Waist: 82cm
BF % : 13.5
chest: 94cm

End weight : 74.5kg
BF %: 8
Chest: 98cm

Count: 28 Activities
Distance: 13.11 km
Time: 20:03:30 h:m:s
Avg Speed: 8.6 km/h
Avg HR: 139 bpm
Avg Run Cadence: 78 spm
Calories: 8,710 C
Avg Time: 00:42:58 h:m:s

Well this is the first time i tried a 3-4 times a week conditioning circuits for a cut. I must say it was excellent. I dropped a lot of fat around my core area which has been hard to do previously. I have probably lost a bit of chest muscle definition as the weights i was using weren’t really heavy enough but i am very happy with the results of this cycle.
I must say if you do a 4 week conditioning cut you need to have the diet and rest periods spot on or you will burn out very quickly. By my last session i was struggling on the easiest things such as mountain climbers. I am definitely lean and you can see the results of the previous bulk cycle. If i wasn’t so white i would give some pics!! but i just look like a white blur in the pics haha.  You can see the increase in calories burnt was up by over 2000 this month haha :)

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