Back from break and starting new.

I had a great easter catching up with friends and eating a lot of food. I was going to hold off until my NZ holiday in july before trying this latest program out.  I relised that is approximately 14 weeks away. Which is basically the first phase of this program.  I have done the standard bulk up and cut programs (4×10, 3×10, 5×5) although these have been successful, i want to try something different. This program how ever has definite phases, periodisation and timing so i am willing to try it out.  It contains linear period , alternating period and undulating period which is interesting.

Weeks 1-3 – muscle endurance
weeks 4-12 – muscle overload
Weeks 13-14 Undulated Periodisation training

The goal is to put on some extra poundage for the next six months.

So for the next 14 weeks i will try this style of program and see what results are accomplished.

Fitness Goals for the next 14 weeks

Sleep: 8 hours a day
Train: 4-5 x a week – 3 weights / 1 HiiT/ CT  and martial arts training
Goal weight: 85-87kg at 11%Bf (which will cut down to 7%-9% after this program)
Cardio: Still be able to do what i do now.  Smash out a CT session or just run a 5km out of the blue without training.


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