About me

This is my personal training blog to keep me honest, motivated and focused on my goals. I plan to release when i can information which may help you as well.

I was never really big until finishing high school, then i ate everything in sight and gained a whopping 14 kilos in 3 months. My diet consisted of deep fried chicken , chips … lots of chips and even chocolate covered doritos, oh yeh i was good at inventing super junk foods :). Anyways, i got sick of being sick, tired, depressed. I wanted to become and excellent martial artist. Where i was wasn’t good enough to fit this lifestyle so i went about changing it.  It wasn’t easy at the beginning. Going through sugar withdrawals and Carb addiction. Headaches, mood swings etc. In the end it was worth it. I lost over 35kg.  My confidence lifted from being a super quiet guy into someone people can relate to. I am fit, healthy and happy. I have to thank my friends for not giving up with me, pushing me to make myself the best i can be and i cannot thank them enough. You saved my life.

After being in martial arts for 11 years, I have studied for years on exercise,  nutrition, and the Science (love the science) of training. I believe the system i am using is VERY beneficial to any martial artist. I have excelled in my style using these techniques. My friends who jump on this also excel quicker then the others too. I am almost a qualified personal trainer and have been studying out of interest for approximately 3 years.

Here is a picture. This is to prove if i can do it, anyone can :). I am still getting better everyday and learn something new everyday.

Originally when i first started:

Weight: 103kg
Waist : 107cm / 42-43 inches
BF %: 25+

Then went to the other extreme

weight : 68kg
waist : 77cm
bf: 7%

Now back at (bulking)

weight : 79kg
waist : 82cm
bf:  10% est.

March 2012


Bench press – 105.00 kg
Bent over row – 110 kg
Hang clean + push press – 70 kg
Over head Press – 70 kg
BB shrugs – 240kg
DIPs – +25kg
BB squat – 132.5kg
Dead lift – 185kg
Dumbbell incline bench – 95kg

Update (07 2012)

MAY 2013


Bench press – 140.00 kg
Bent over row – 110 kg
Hang clean + push press – 85 kg
Clean – 95kg
Over head Press – 70 kg
BB shrugs – 240kg
DIPs – +30kg x 6
BB squat – 145 kg
Dead lift – 185kg
Dumbbell incline bench – 95kg






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