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w7 leggies

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2725
Exercise calories: 273

Barbell Full Squat(60.0×10,80.0x8,100.0×6,60.0x10)
Cable Triceps Pushdown (60.0×12,60.0x12,60.0×12,60.0x12)

Barbell Lunge (70.0×5,75.0x5,75.0×5)

Seated Calf Raise (110.0×12,120.0x12,120.0×12,120.0x12)
Alternate Hammer Curl (17.5×10,20.0x10,20.0×10,20.0x10)

Seated Leg Curl (70.0×12,70.0x12,70.0×12)
Dip (0.0×12,0.0x12,0.0×12)

Rotary calf (110.0×10,110.0x13,110.0×12,110.0x12) (PB)

DAMAGE:Every seems ok today!
NOTES:Always Feel weird when not pushing hard on squats but i did the last set as a explosive set. Supersetted arms today because i forgot i was doing arms tomorrow. Never mind. The weekend was good, rock climbing again. Last one for a while. Nutrition was relaxed over the weekend. Full pizza capers pizza was consumed. Grain fed steak and sausages. Felt good man.

CT w6

Activity: CT
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2780
Exercise calories: 277


3 sets

30 x Kb Swing
16 x KB snatch + press
10 x KB Ribbons
20 x KB row
100 x fast boxing
50 x Rope turns

3 Sets

10 x KB Squat + Yaw press
20 x Kb Swing
10 x KB windmills
10 x MB side throws
100 x MB toe taps

2 Sets

10 x KB Iron Cross
20 x KB 1/2 Get up
10 x Burpee
10 X Hip Extension

NOTES:Short and sweet no rest between rounds. HR data went insane when it fell off during a set. Pretty easy over all but just enough to get a sweat going.


Activity: Running (HIIT)
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2701
Exercise calories: 298+

Session : 22 mins Hiit

22 Mins HiiT Sprinting

1. Warmup 2 min
2. Sprint one minute (16km +) then walk 6-7km+ for 1 minute
3. Cool down and stretch

NOTES:Keeping it slow and easy. Warrior dash cancelled for me due to some minor disturbances.

w6 hyper up

Activity: Shoulder back etc
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2908
Exercise calories: 254

Session : Weights


Prone Delt V raise (10.0×12,10.0x12,10.0×12)
Standing Low Pulley Deltoid Raise (15.0×15,15.0x15,15.0×15)
Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown (45.0×15,45.0x12,45.0×12)


Barbell Shoulder Press (60.0×6,65.0x5,65.0×3,70.0x1,75.0×1,60.0x5) (PB)
Barbell Shrug (160.0×12,180.0x12,200.0×12,210.0x12) (PB)
Face pulls (35.0×20,35.0x20,35.0×20,35.0x20)

* = Increases
~ = Decreases

DAMAGE:  Hips and lumbar.

NOTES: Time under tension, angry training is good training. Headphones in, world off. PB on miltary press today as well as shrugs.

w6 power up

Activity: upper
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2701
Exercise calories: 251

Dumbbell Bench Press (80.0×6,80.0x6,80.0×6,80.0x3,80.0×4,60.0x8)
Barbell Bent Over Row(80.0×6,90.0x5,90.0×5,90.0x5,90.0×5)
Dip (20.0×6,20.0x6,20.0×6,20.0x6,20.0×6)
Pullups (15.0×5,15.0x5,15.0×5,15.0x5,15.0×5)

* = Increases
~ = Decreases

DAMAGE:  Lumbar , might have a compressed disc maybe ? Need to get it checked out.
NOTES: Lackluster session. Wasn’t feeling it today. Didn’t do clean and press due to lumbar discomfort. Neeed to start cleaning up the diet a bit. Too much fat in the meals i am eating at the moment.

w6 – squataroos

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2635
Exercise calories: 390

Session : Weights

Box squat (60.0×5,60.0x5,85.0×5,100.0x5,110.0×5,120.0x1,125.0×1,130.0x1,135.0×1) ( PB)
Dumbbell Walking Lunges (40.0×10,40.0x10,45.0×10)
Seated Leg Curl (50.0×12,50.0x12,50.0×12)
EZ-Bar Curl (40.0×12,40.0x10,40.0×10)
Rotary calf (102.5×15,105.0x15,105.0×12,105.0x12) (PB)
Preacher Curl (30.0×12,32.5×10,32.5×10)
Dip Machine (75.0×10,75.0x10,77.5×10,77.5×10)

* = Increases
~ = Decreases

DAMAGE:  Face, feet and left hammie.

NOTES: Felt sore as hell today after yesterday’s sparing session. Was good though. Learning some new concepts. I didn’t want to even go to gym today. But i figure halo 4 is out tomorrow so i want more halo time :D. Ended up with a PB for box squats, only 5kg away from my goals for the year. So everything is good. Hamstring on my left side is playing up. Most likely from deadlifts.

w6 – DL and stuff

Activity: DL weights
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2840
Exercise calories: 340

Session : Weights


Straight Arm Push Down (30.0×12,35.0x14,35.0×14,55.0x10)
Barbell Reverse Grip Bent Over Row (30.0×20,30.0x20,30.0×20,80.0x10)
Dumbbell Lateral Raise (16.0×12,16.0x12,16.0×12,35.0x10)
Bent Over Low Pulley Side Lateral (12.5×15,12.5×15,12.5×15)


Clean (60.0×5,65.0x5,65.0×5,70.0x1,80.0×1,85.0x1)  (PB)
Barbell Deadlift (60.0×5,80.0x5,100.0×5,120.0x3,140.0×1,160.0x1,100.0×8 )

* = Increases
~ = Decreases

DAMAGE:  Upper back.

NOTES: Feeling good today. Lower spine is a bit dodge. Shoulders were burning pretty good. Had a good climbing session yesterday too.  Getting stronger. Forearms are not hurting as much any more even on the harder climbs.  Did TUT then one regular set.

Metabolic training – Circuits

Activity: CT
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 3210
Exercise calories: 389


5 rounds of

100 x rope turns singles (or double unders)
40 x Kb Swing
30 x MT climbers
20 X MB Slams
20 X KB lunge
10 x KB suitcase dead lift
6ps x KB clean jerk
5 x BAG slam x 2 followed by 2x Lateral burpee

DAMAGE: Rhomboids
NOTES: Make sure you use your legs to lift the heavy bag. This is the most intense workout in a long time. It was also freaking hot today 32 deg in the shed.

w5 – chest

Activity: Chest TUT
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 3205
Exercise calories: 302

Session : Weights


Dumbbell Incline Bench Press ( 50.0×10,50.0x10,50.0×10)
Cable Incline Fly (32.5×10,32.5×14,32.5×12,30.0x15)
Straight Arms Dumbbell Pullover (22.5×12,22.5×12,27.5×12)
Barbell Close Grip Bench Press (30.0×12,35.0x12,35.0×12)


Speed BB bench (65.0×8,70.0x8,70.0×8)
Cable One Arm Tricep Extension (20.0×12,25.0x12,25.0×12)
Standing Biceps Cable Curl (70.0×10,70.0x12,70.0×12)
Cable Standing Triceps Extension (40.0×10,40.0x10,40.0×10)
Dumbbell Concentration Curls (17.5×8,17.5×8,17.5×8)

* = Increases
~ = Decreases

DAMAGE:  Hips and lumbar.

NOTES: Tut Chest exercises are killing me, it always feels like i am about to rip my pecs off my chest. Everything is going well but. Up to 79.9kg again. People saying i’m looking tanky.
Not really much to talk about today. Next saturday is warrior dash. Then i just registered for kokoda grunt in march.