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CT – Small Conditioning

Training Partner:: NA
Calories intake:  2780 cal
Exercise calories:  380 cal


KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set , ps = Per side


20 x Kb Swing
10ps x Rolling pistols
10ps x MB woodchops
10 x KB Turkish get up
12 x Burpee + MB slam
10 x TRX walkout
Skipping (100 turns)

10 x TRX chest press
10ps x MB reach and grab
10 x Heavy bag slams
10 x Wrestler Sitout
10 x GNP combo (side control , mount , punch side control)
5 x 10m latteral shuffle

60cm box jump
control bag elbows

: Need to increase that cardio conditioning, Session was good although i need to pick up the pace a bit.

 Damage: Hip flexor popping during MB reaches. Have to get this checked out very soon. Causing issues in my right hip.

W1P2 – Hyper 1

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2664
Exercise calories: 280

Dumbbell Incline Bench Press (70.0×10,70.0x8,70.0×9)
Dumbbell Bench Press (50.0×10,50.0x10,60.0×8,60.0x8)
Cable Incline Fly (40.0×10,45.0x10,45.0×10,45.0x10)
Straight Arms Dumbbell Pullover (32.5×10,32.5×10,32.5×10) * 1rm
Barbell Close Grip Bench Press (40.0×8,50.0x10,55.0×11)
Barbell Standing Overhead Triceps Extension(25.0×10,30.0x10,30.0×10)
EZ-Bar Curl (30.0×10,35.0x18,35.0×12)
Kneeling Cable Triceps Extension (30.0×12,40.0x12,40.0×12)

DAMAGE:Quads legs damage from sparing, multiple bruising!

NOTES: Had to drop off my car to get some work done on it. So i ran from the place to the gym which is about 2.2km. Did my workout which i had some good and bad with lifts today but overall it’s going ok. After the session i decided to hop in the yoga class that was happening. It really highlighted my major inflexibility in my hamstrings , lower back and shoulders. I’ll probably end up doing this more often getting some decent stretching out of it.

w1p2 – power up

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 3,423
Exercise calories: 307

Session : weights 1-2 warmup sets @40% 1rm.

Barbell Bench Press (60.0×10,82.5×5,85.0x5,85.0×7,75.0x7,70.0×6) ~
Barbell Bent Over Row (82.5×6,92.5×6,92.5×6,92.5×5,92.5×6) *
Barbell Shoulder Press (60.0×5,60.0x4,55.0×5,55.0x6,50.0×5) *
Dip (0.0×10,20.0x6,20.0×5,20.0x5,20.0×6) *
Pullups (10.0×6,10.0x6,10.0×5,10.0x4,10.0×6)
Barbell Shrug (180.0×10,180.0x10,180.0×10,180.0x10)

* = Increases
~ = Decreases

DAMAGE: Crunchy right trap.

NOTES: Back to it. Slowing down the reps on BP.

W1P2 – Hyper 1

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2,848
Exercise calories: 248

Dumbbell Front Raise (40.0×10,40.0x10,40.0×10)
Dumbbell Bent Over Delt Raise (20.0×10,20.0x10,20.0×10)
Hang clean + push press (50.0×8,50.0x8,55.0×8,55.0x6)
Wide-Grip Rear Pull-Up (0.0×8,0.0x8,0.0×10)
Standing Low Pulley Deltoid Raise(20.0×10,20.0x10,22.5×10)
Face pulls (40.0×10,40.0x10,45.0×10,45.0x10)
Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown (72.5×10,75.0x8,77.5×8)

* increase
~ decrease

DAMAGE: Right Trap slight muscle crunchiness, hamstrings absolutely destroyed.

NOTES: Destroyed my hammies on the weekend. Only been able to walk since last night. Today, weights were still feeling a bit heavy, nutrition has been off since i got the food poisoning. I am trying to get back up to 3000 cals again but i think i have been averaging 2300-2500. So this could explain some of the strength loss. We will see how the rest of the week goes before making some changes if needed.

Nutrition: The A-B-C-D-F grade food

A-Grade Foods

An A is the highest grade a food can receive. To earn an A grade, a food must be 100% natural (not refined or processed in any way). A-grade foods must also be extremely nutrient dense. These top-of-the line “super-foods” are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, carotenoids, phytochemicals, essential fatty acids, fiber and other healthy stuff that’s extremely good for you. For example, red peppers are the only food with an entire days worth of vitamin C. Tomatoes contain cancer-fighting lycopene. Spinach is rich in calcium and vitamin D. Orange veggies like carrots, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash are packed with carotenoids. Asparagus is loaded with vitamin K. Deep leafy greens like spinach are nutritional powerhouses with ample quantities of Vitamin K, Carotenoids, Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Vitamin C. All fibrous carbs, green veggies and salad veggies get an A grade. Fibrous carbohydrates, (green veggies and salad veggies) would even quality for an A+ because they have extremely high nutrient density with extremely low calorie density, making them ideal foods for reducing body fat.

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DL day 3 – Lower styles

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: Louise
Calories intake: 2780
Exercise calories: 300 cal

Deload lower –

Barbell Deadlift (70.0×5,80.0x5,100.0×5,120.0x5,140.0×5,100.0x5,100.0×5)
Box squat (70.0×10,80.0x10,80.0×10,80.0x10)
Bulgarian Squat (30.0×10,30.0x10,30.0×10)
Seated Calf Raise (90.0×12,90.0x12,90.0×12)
Lying Leg Curls (50.0×10,55.0x10,55.0×10)

DAMAGE: None (slight tight ITB)

NOTES: After my subpar effort in CT this morning, lou asked me to go to do some legs at the gym. I decided i got not much to do so i went. But then i got carried away again for a deload week.  Everything felt great today though dead felt and went up very light.

KB Conditioning Session – Back to it!

Training Partner:: NA
Calories intake:  2780 cal
Exercise calories:  302 cal


KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set , ps = Per side

3 set:

50 x mountain climber
20 x medicine ball slams
20 x Medicine ball side slams
10 x KB circle
100 x rope turns

3 SET:

20 x Kb Swing
20 x KB row
10 x KB figure 8’s
10 x Lateral burpee
(no rest between set)


20 x 60cm box jump
10 x up down planks
10 x DB T-pushups
100x MB toe taps
15 x Bag slams

NOTE: It has been approximately 3 months since my last actual CT session. Very surprising outcome. I am using much heavier weights but i am getting gassed earlier than usual. Time to ramp the training back up i think. I have new equipment my new 8kg medicine ball is actually a sand ball. So no bounce and the weight shifts inside the ball so it’s a different beast to use.

PROTIP:  Having oatmeal and milk before training is a bad idea.  Had to have a mini 2min break at 19min due to almost vomiting.

10 Stubborn Exercise Myths That Won’t Die, Debunked By Science

VIA: lifehacker.

“No pain, no gain!” “You’ll never bulk up without supplements.” “Crunches are the key to six-pack abs!” It seems there are more questions and half-truths in the market about healthy exercise than there are clear, definitive facts — but the exercise industry is a multi-billion dollar business, built partially on selling gadgets and DVDs with incredible claims to people desperate to lose weight or look attractive. Meanwhile, good workout plans and simple truths lurk in the background waiting for their time to shine. All of this results in lots of misinformation about exercise. We’re taking some of those commonly-held exercise myths to task, and we have science to back us up. Let’s get started.

via lifehacker. 


DL – Day 2

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2790
Exercise calories: 421

Session : weights Deload – ~50%

Barbell Incline Bench Press (40.0×12,60.0x10,60.0×10,60.0x10)
Cable Incline Fly (40.0×10,40.0x10,40.0×10,40.0x10)
SSET: Dumbbell Bench Press (30.0×10,30.0x10,30.0×10)
Decline Push Up with Feet On An Bench (0.0×10,0.0x12,0.0×15)

Straight Arms Dumbbell Pullover (25.0×10,25.0x10,25.0×10)
EZ-Bar Curl (30.0×10,30.0x10,30.0×10)
Standing One-Arm Dumbbell Curl Over Incline Bench(10.0×10, 10×10,10×10)

 Cardio:  Row /  run sprints


500m row , 500m sprint 400m row, 400m sprint , 300m row , 300m sprint , 200m row , 200m sprint , 100m row , 100m sprint.


DAMAGE:  Left Hip annoyance is back.

NOTES: Just randomness @ 50%. Good session. Still feeling like i am not working hard! Super Slow reps on most exercises. Did a cardio sprint today and almost chucked up at the end but it wasn’t too hard really i have never done it before so i didnt know how fast to go. I also got stuck twice when my legs popped out during row and i accidentally stopped the treadmill instead of slowing it down. I think i could shave over a min off if i did it again.


DL week – Day 1

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2590
Exercise calories: 230

Deload – Randomness (back) 

Chin-Up (0.0×12,0.0x10,0.0×8,0.0x8)
Rack pull (80.0×10,100.0x10,120.0×8,120.0x10)
One-Arm Dumbell Row (20.0×10,20.0x10,20.0×10)
Straight Arm Push Down (50.0×10,50.0x10,50.0×10)
Dip (0.0×10,0.0x10,0.0×10)
EZ Bar Triceps Extension (25.0×10,25.0x10,25.0×10)
Face pulls (40.0×10,40.0x10,40.0×10,40.0x10)
DAMAGE: Sore left hand,  tender right knee from sparing.

NOTES: Week of randomness. Trying to keep to ~50% load is a hard thing to do when you are used to going as hard as possible. One week of this then back to the hard stuff.