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w4 Chest tri / abs

Activity: Weights
Training Partner:: arun
Calories intake: 2,897 cal
Exercise calories: 240 (rough) cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep – 7 hr

Machine Fly (45.0×20,45.0x15,45.0×15,42.5×15) (just warming up muscles)
Barbell Incline Bench Press (50.0×12,65.0x10,70.0×8,80.0x5,85×5) (pb)
Dumbbell Bench Press (65.0×8,65.0x8,40.0×15)
Straight Arms Dumbbell Pullover (20.0×12,20.0x12,22.5×12,22.5×12)
Bench dip (bw+40kg x 20) *had to stop after pain in arm
Cable Triceps Pushdown (30.0×20,30.0x20,30×40) *light volume work
Hanging Leg Raise (0.0×15,0.0x15,0.0×15,0.0x15)
Decline Crunch (0.0×20,0.0x20,0.0×20)
Exercise Ball Crunch (8.0×20,8.0x20,8.0×20)

Damage:  Forearm / Tricep pain in joint . Possible tendon ?

Feel absolutely awesome today during chest, the weights felt light. Although half way through triceps bench dips i got pins and needles through my arm and couldnt continue but the rest of the session was great.

w4 – Back Bi

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: N/A
Calories intake: 2,630 cal
Exercise calories: 222 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep – 8.2 hr

Barbell Deadlift (80×10 x 3)
Barbell Bent Over Row (50.0×12,60.0x12,70.0×8,75.0x6)*
Close-Grip (reversed) Front Lat Pulldown (55.0×15,65.0x10,75.0×7)++++
Cable Seated Row (45.0×12,50.0x10,65.0×8,72.5×6)++++
One-Arm Dumbell Row (30.0×12,30.0x12)+
Pullups (0.0×6,0.0x5)
Preacher Curl (30.0×10,35.0x10,35.0×10,35.0x10)
extra sets: wide grip Pull Down (50kg x 12 x 2)

* increased since last workout
+ decreased since last workout

Damage:  Back (t7 area) and hips are sore glute area from running.

NOTES:Thursday i had an issue with my back which i had looked at which was in the rhomboidal (t7) area. The spine was slightly misaligned, so i was advised not to lift heavy for a couple days on the back which i have heeded. I had it fixed and had a super strong massage on Friday which made it feel 100x times better. Yesterday i did the bridge to Brisbane and today the back was aggravated again which i will get it checked out again tonight but it seems to be only tight muscles this time. Although through the workout today i had to drop the weight as i felt like that area of my back wanted to POP like you get sometimes when u crack a knuckles or knees on a quick squat. Some movements were OK to do, some were weak especially seated and one arm rows. Hopefully it will resolve soon and i can lift heavy again. Pretty frustrated at the moment. But i will prevail.

Weight has stabilised again at 80.5 so i will have to up calories again to 3000 average a day soon to put it up to 85.

bridge to brisbane 2011

Activity: Running
Training Partner:: Louise / Theresa
Calories intake: 2570 cal
Exercise calories: 830 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep – 9.0 hr

What a great morning, cold sunny and perfect running weather. I wanted to finally break the one hour mark but i wasn’t too sure as i hardly done ANY cardio the last 6-8 weeks. But we pushed each other. I must admit at the 8.5 km mark where the section we call “heart break hill” comes in i struggled very badly. I got up to the top but the next stretch was a bit tough! But i kept checking the watch calculating the time i needed to get under the hour and pushed until the end sprinting the last 500 meters. I am very happy with the time considering the training that went into it. I got under the mark with out any specific training.

Final time : 58.14

w3 Chest tri

Activity: Weights
Training Partner:: arun
Calories intake: 2897 cal
Exercise calories: 277 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep – 8.0 hr

Barbell Incline Bench Press (40.0×12,60.0x10,70.0×5,80.0x5,80×4) *
Dumbbell Bench Press (60.0×10,60.0x7,55.0×8)
Straight Arms Dumbbell Pullover (22.5×12,22.5×12,22.5×12,22.5×12)*
EZ Bar Triceps Extension (25.0×15,20.0x15,25.0×15)
Barbell Close Grip Bench Press (30.0×15,40.0x10,40.0×10)
Cable Triceps Pushdown (30.0×30,30.0x30)just to finish em off.
Decline Crunch (0.0×10,0.0x10,0.0×10)

Damage:  Right trap, very tight


Had to have a short training session today late from work and a time restriction at the gym but got most of it done. No abs though. Incline chest is getting better though.

Healthier pizza


Preheat oven or griller, about 160 – 180 deg

1. Cook chicken fillet in telfon wok or frypan.  Set aside
2. Cook mince in teflon wok or frypan Set aside
3. Get wrap, spread pizza sauce on wrap (you can use pizza partner or other low macro options such as ardmona) if you like u can use 2 wraps for a bigger base
4. Add cheese now or later
5. Put on chicken , mince and your own choice of veges.
6. Chuck it in the oven for 10 or so minutes until the cheese has melted and wrap is crispy!


Stats Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium
Pizza Partner – Classic Olive, Tomato & Basil, 50 g 43 2 3 1 60
Alis’s – Skinless Chicken Breast , 100 g 153 0 4 30 18
Asda – Lean Minced Beef, 100 g 52 0 4 4 20
Vitastic – Sorj Wraps Lite Wholemeal, 1 wrap 87 16 1 3 122
Coles – Light Mozzarella Shredded Cheese, 75 g 185 0 10 23 323
Vegetables – Mixed Vegetables, 1/2 cup 53 9 0 2 41
Totals 573 27 22 63 584


w3 – legs shoulder

Activity: Weights
Training Partner:  N/A
Calories intake: 2,930 cal
Exercise calories: 316 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: Flat  (lacking energy)
Sleep – 7.5 hr

Barbell Squat (65.0×12,82.5×10,90.0x8,100.0×5,105.0x3)*
Barbell Lunge (60.0×12,60.0x12)
Seated Calf Raise (60.0×12,70.0x12,80.0×10,80.0x12)*
Lying Leg Curls (52.5×10,55.0x10,62.5×9)*
Barbell Shoulder Press(40.0×12,45.0x10,40.0×10,40.0x10)+
Dumbbell Front Raise (25.0×10,25.0x10,25.0×10)
Dumbbell Lateral Raise (20.0×10,20.0x10,20.0×10)
* increased
+ decreased

Damage: None

Notes:  Feeling very low on energy today not to sure why. I did over an hour of kicking last night at karate so i knew my legs weren’t 100% today. Failed on my last set of squats, i got 3/4 of the way up on rep 4 and couldn’t get all the way back up and fell forward lucky the rack was there to stop me.  Everything else wasn’t too bad. I noticed i am about 1000 calories a week down off my 2700 cal target so my weight is at a stand still again, So today i put up my cals again slightly.

Ice coffee

Got this recipe off a fellow member.

Directions: Chuck it all in a blender and blend it!

(Stevia / Natvia / Splenda) – Sugar Substitute, 2 tsp 0 cal 3/0/0 CFP
Spices – Cinnamon, ground, 1 tbsp 18 cal 5/0/0 CFP
Generic – Vanilla Essence (imitation), 1 g 4 cal 1/0/0 CFP
Cottee’s – Diet Chocolate Topping, 20 g 7cal 1/0/0 CFP
Pauls Smart Milk 2% Fat – Milk, 100 ml 57cal 6/2/0 CFP
Coffee (1tsp or how ever strong you want it) 1cal 0/0/0
Heap of ice and Water 50-100mls extra (to unchunk it)
Totals 91cal (12 / 2 / 0 CFP)
Optional replacement – Woolworths Select – Light Whipped Cream, 20 grams  46cals 3/4/1
Protein version – Reflex – Whey Protien, 25 gm 91 cals 1/2/20

Tastes great and lower calories than the shop alternatives. Use light whipped cream if you want even lower calories or if you are hardcore NO MILK OR CREAM!

CT – Cardio based #2

Training Partner: Louise
Calories intake: 3050 cals
Exercise calories: 451 cals
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep: - 9+ hrs

KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set , ps = Per side , TRX = Using TRX suspension system

2 set

25 x Kb Swing
10 x TRX Jack Knife / 10 x Burpee combo
20 x Front Kick
100 x Punch
1 X Footwork Ladder (foot movement)
25 m x Resisted Pulls

3 Set

10 X KB Military press (slow rep)
25m Sprint
10 X KB Circles
25m Sprint
20 X Jab, cross, round kick
25m Sprint
10 X KB Squat

1 Set

20 X crunch and punch
10 X Boxing combo
20 x Bag Knees
10 X Flat/ Get Punch / KB floor press combo

1 Set

10 x TRX push up
10 x TRX Reverse Fly
10 x TRX back extention
10 x TRX pull through
10 x TRX Spider Plank (oblique twists)

Damage: None


Session wasn’t that hard at all mainly cardio fitness. So decided to tack on one extra set to the end of the session. TRX moves can be done in the body weight only form or changed with something else with a similar motion.

Back , mini bi.

[frogot HRm]

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 5000+ cal (refeed)
Exercise calories: ~240 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep – 10 hr

Barbell Bent Over Row (55.0×12,60.0x10,65.0×8,75.0x6) *
Close-Grip (reversed) Front Lat Pulldown (70.0×12,75.0x10,80.0×8)*
Cable Seated Row (52.5×12,62.5×10,70.0x8,72.5×6)*
One-Arm Dumbbell Row (30.0×12,32.5×12) *
Preacher Curl (20.0×12,30.0x10,30.0×10,30.0x10)
Pullups (0.0×6,0.0x6) 5 seconds Negative reps

Damage:  Back issue at the moment, very tight around T7 thoracic region again, omitted dead lifts for today.

NOTES: Felt good despite the stiff back. monthly gorge was today due to my mums bday buffet. Since i did like 6 sets of biceps on Wednesday i decided 4 sets of preachers would be good for today.